Right, so liviapenn's Pairing Generator spit out Bruce Wayne / Death. Thanks to greenygal for help with the title and for demanding I write it.

Visiting Hours
By Smitty

He's met her, he thinks, more times than any one person has a right to.

She passed a sympathetic hand through his hair as she walked away with his mother and father and he's never quite forgiven her for that.

She's left him behind more times than is fair.

She's straddled his hips, leaned down, and instead of the kiss he craved, she's whispered, "Bruce, it's time to wake up." And he always does.

His chest hurts whenever he opens his eyes and it's not the broken ribs or collapsed lungs or the bruising of bullets.

It's the pain of living without her, of living at all, and he goes about it grimly because how does one find pleasure in life when one is in love with Death?

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