This was lisew's request. It was in my head as soon as she said, "Toby from the West Wing" that I had to write about the little hats.

Tiny Hats
By Smitty

There are two tiny hats in the top drawer of Toby's nightstand. They fit perfectly against his knees, folded flat and curled at the edges. Sometimes, when he can't sleep, when he's thinking too much, he sits one on each knee and props himself up against the headboard to contemplate their origin.

No one told him babies came with little hats. Truly, no one told him many things about babies, but like the hats, most of those things are fairly pleasant surprises. He's sorry he's alone in the house, Andi's house, with the built-in bookshelves and the natural light. He's sorry he's too sad for her and he wonders if some day his Molly will be tall and beautiful like her mother and if she'll shake her head sadly and say, "Dad, you're just too sad."

He lets his fingers trace over the unbearably soft cotton of the little caps and he thinks that maybe, if he knew the babies before, maybe he would have been happy enough for Andi.

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