Way back from the ficlet challenge. I never did reccea's. She asked for Dick and Roy, slash, and I tried to do Guinnessverse and I tried to do something sweet and well, I ended up with THIS, which is neither Guinnessverse nor sweet, so don't click if you don't want to know. Yeah, 195 scary, scary words. Sorry. *looks abashed*

Roy/Dick + Grace ficlet
By Smitty

"You did GRACE?"

Roy shrugged. "Yeah. Good workout."

Dick shook his head. "Good grief. It's a miracle you're not dead."

"Says the man who can suck his own dick."

Dick winced. "Just because I can, doesn't mean I DO."

"Of course not." Roy grinned widely. "You have me to do it for you."

"Not arguing that," Dick murmured, pulling Roy against him. He kissed down the archer's neck and started laughing. "Grace?"

"Dude! Get off it already, ok?" Roy ruffled Dick's hair. "It's like having sex with a guy, really. Just without the extra parts."

"Wow, that was just way too much information," Dick told him, still lost in helpless chuckles. "And here I was just about to ask who was on top."

He stopped laughing when Roy turned red.

"Oh, don't even tell me."

"Man, she's got this...collection."

"Oh! No! I told you not to tell me!"

"Look, you want to come next time? I'll deal you in and--"

"No, stop! I'm not listening to this!"

"I'm sure she won't mind."

"Fine." Dick gave Roy a look. "She won't mind? Ask her to join US, then."

Roy paled.

"Yeah, that's what I thought."

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