Ok, this was supposed to be kerithwyn's drabble but it's not exactly what she asked for and it's kinda cheating, so it's just...out there. :)

By Smitty

"So stop me if you've heard this one before. A lawyer and a photojournalist are in a bar."

Matt Murdock rolls his eyes behind his dark glasses and lifts the receiver of the phone, turning off the speaker.

Across the room, Foggy Nelson whispers, "You want I should go?"

Matt nods and waits until he hears the door close behind his law partner.

"What do you want, Ben?" he asks with a sigh.

"I've got you on film," Ben Urich tells him from several blocks away in the offices of the Daily Bugle. "You and Parker. So, business or pleasure?"

"Come by my office?"

"Sure, what's wrong?"

"I'll tell you when you get here. How close are you?" Even as he spoke the words, Matt Murdock heard the tapping on the glass behind him.

"Peter." He dropped the phone back on the cradle and unlocked the window.

"I'm here," Peter Parker said as his feet hit the plush carpeting of Matt's office. "What's the big news?"

"Ben Urich has pictures."

"Of us?"

Matt nodded.

"The good ones?" Peter asked, the grin evident in his voice.

"In the bar."

"He missed the best shots."

Matt cupped a firm hand over Peter's shoulder and steered him over to the wall next to the window.

"What?" Peter asked, sidestepping to his left.

"Aren't you the least little bit concerned?"

"He's not going to run anything," Peter said confidently. "It's us. He's just angling for a scoop. He probably thinks we're working on something big together."

"You're not worried about Mary Jane hearing?"

Peter faltered a bit and Matt felt it.

"Hey. She left me. If she doesn't like it, she can come back and put up her dukes."

Matt could read the false cockiness in Peter's voice, the painful bite of loss hidden by glib phrases. Loss, not fear. Matt felt a smile spread across his face.

"You called Ben, didn't you?"

"Look, it's no big deal."

"No big deal?" Matt paced back and forth in front of Peter, keeping him trapped against the wall. "No big deal? You just tipped Ben Urich off to what's going to be our biggest bust ever."

"We'll get good press?" Peter offered, raising his hands, palms up.

"We don't need good press," Matt barked. "We need no press." He ran a hand through his hair. "We don't need to have Urich yapping at our heels when we're trying to pull this off. He's already suspicious."

"Couldn't you have told him we were just...you know. Having a drink? Having some fun? Having an affair?"

That stopped Matt mid-pace.

"Is that it?" He turned to where he knew Peter was standing. "It wasn't about making Mary Jane worry about you? It was about making her jealous? Jealous of--" Matt broke off, unwilling to articulate whatever it was he was thinking. "Peter," he finally said, his voice firm. "Why would Mary Jane even think to be jealous of me?"

Peter shrugged, his shirt ruffling almost inaudibly with the movement.

"I don't know," he said, his voice pitched a little higher than usual. "I guess maybe I though Ben would get the wrong idea...you know."

"Peter." Matt stepped closer, well into Peter's personal space and offered his best courtroom scowl.

Peter sighed, a soft puff of air against Matt's face.

"Peter." The word was softer, the scowl was gone and Matt lifted his hand until his knuckles brushed under Peter's chin. Smooth. He'd shaved today; Matt could smell the remnants of the cream left behind.

"I'm sorry," Peter offered, the words embedded in another sigh.

Against his better judgment, Matt bent his head and touched his mouth to Peter's.

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