genx88 requested Evil Spoon fic. (From Potatoverse, for the uninitiated.)

Evil Spoon!
By Smitty


James Grayson looked up to see his mother holding a battered old wooden spoon between her fingers.

"It's Evil Spoon," he reminded her cheerfully.

"So it is," she confirmed. "You think we can give him a proper burial now?"

"Mo-omů" James crossed the room and took the spoon from her. "Look. It's Evil Spoon." He danced the wooden utensil in front of her face. "He was one of my first toys."

"Funny how that happens. He was one of my first kitchen utensils." Barbara Gordon Grayson stuck her tongue out at her adopted son.

"And it was very kind of you to give him up," James replied with a grin. He knew as well as she did that Evil Spoon had been hijacked from Barbara's kitchen with neither her permission nor her knowledge.

"Ha!" Barbara shook her head. "Still, I doubt he needs to go away to college with you." Her features softened and she said gently," It's really time to toss it, you know."

James heaved a sigh.

"I know," he said. He gave Evil Spoon one last regretful look and tossed it in the top of the garbage bag that sat next to his bed.

"Oh, sweetie," Barbara sighed with tears glistening in the corners of her eyes. "You grew up so fast."

"Oh, Mom." James looked a little embarrassed and a whole lot touched.

"Don't 'Oh, Mom' me," Barbara instructed, blinking. "Let me get you some clothespins. I'll be right back to help you."

"Ok," James agreed, wondering what he'd need clothespins for. He continued stuffing t-shirts into a duffel bag as Barbara wheeled herself out of his bedroom and down the hall into the kitchen. When he was sure she was gone, he leaned over and snatched Evil Spoon from the garbage. He studied the makeshift toy for a moment and shook his head. "Maybe I can use you to stir macaroni or something," he muttered, tucking the spoon quickly into his duffel. He covered Evil Spoon with shirts as Babs rolled back in.

"Here you go," she offered, holding out a plastic bag with half a dozen clothespins tucked inside. "You can use them to keep the top of your chip bags closed."

"Thanks." James turned and put the baggie in a plastic crate of foodstuff and plastic food storage.

"You know what?" Babs said suddenly. "You'll want garbage bags to take with you, too. Go down and get some from the basement. There should be an extra box down there."

"The basement or the basement?" James asked cheerfully, slipping easily around Babs's chair to his bedroom door.

"You know where they are," she chided as he headed off. "Grab the extra bottle of tile cleaner!" she called after him. "You'll need it for your sink."

She listened carefully until she heard the basement door open and his sneakers squeak down the stairs. Then, she leaned over to the garbage bag and peered inside.

"You didn't think I was going to let you go out with the trash, did you?" she whispered into the bag. But there was no answer. She shifted the papers and plastic kids' meal toys in the bag and still didn't see the wooden spoon. "Saved already," she said with a smile. "Even though he's the villain. That's my boy."

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