JSA #69 just tripped all kinds of bunny triggers. My Golden Age Dr. Mid-Nite usually winds up being gay but he and Myra are just too cute. This may be part of something larger, but it's unlikely.

Disclaimer: I do not own Charles McNider, Myra Mason, or Pieter Cross. DC Comics/Time Warner keeps them all warm for me.

Doc Drabble
By Smitty

The lights came on, plunging Charles McNider into blindness. He stood up immediately, pushing his dark glasses onto his face and turning toward the opened door.

"Charles!" Her voice was scolding.

It was Myra. He could smell her perfume and sense her motions as she crossed the room.


"You're sitting here alone in the dark, Charles. It's quite depressing, don't you think? You're not brooding again, are you?" Her fingers touched his shoulder as she fluttered around the room and he remembered what Pieter Cross, the future Dr. Mid-Nite had told him -- and what Dr. Cross had not told him.

"It's no different than sitting alone in the light for me," he reminded her gently, catching her hand at his shoulder and wrapping his fingers around her soft palm.

"Doctor," she said, her merry voice hushed in wonder as he pressed her hand to his heart.

"Charles," he reminded her, Cross's words in his ear. You never marry. He lifted her hand and brought her knuckles to his mouth before offering one of his rare smiles. His decision had been made long before she walked in the room. "I want to show you something. Turn off the lights."

200 words -- double a drabble

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