kerithwyn made me write this. MADE ME. Tied me down and um...whined that...ok, really, maybe not entirely her fault. I can also blame __marcelo for a comment he made in feedback and oh...someone else, I'm sure.

This is a complete Potatoverse AU. Tim and Cass are living together, Kon and Cass are dating, and. Well. They run out of bagels.

Crossed Signals (or, A Lack of Bagels)
By Smitty

Rating: Oh, so very NC-17
"Pair"ing: Tim/Cass/Kon -- my new OT3. Hide. But look! It's Potatoverse so they're all old enough to. Buy bagels.

They had run out of bagels that morning. It was really the only excuse Tim had for walking in on Kon and Cass. There was no bagel on the door, but also no sock, no little magnet, no indication that he was going to walk in on Kon finding his religion.

"Oh, God," was the first thing he heard when he stepped into the apartment. It didn't sound like an "I'm being attacked" Oh God, just maybe a "You're out of bagels" Oh God. So Tim dropped his briefcase and wandered into the kitchen to see what was up.

Kon was up, to be precise, and Cassandra was down, on her knees, and that nearly sent Tim to his own knees.

"Oh. Oh, shit. I. Yeah." Tim looked the first away place he could find, which was up. "I'm sorry," he apologized at the ceiling, backing out of the kitchen and immediately running into a potted plant. He squeezed his eyes closed and turned around, putting out a hand to keep from bashing into the sofa during his retreat.

"Tim, wait." It was Cassandra, who had still been dressed when he'd seen her, so he dared to open his eyes.

"Cass, I'm sorry," he said, trying not to look at her mouth, which has been wrapped around Kon's cock seconds before. "I had no idea he was supposed to be over today. You need a signal or something."

"It's my fault," Kon said, coming out of the kitchen, still buttoning up his jeans. "We weren't planning on...we were going to go to a movie but the showing filled up."

"Oh," Tim said, also not looking at Kon's jeans. He was going to be back at the ceiling any minute now. "Movie. Blow job. Oh, yeah, look at the time." He winced. "I'm just going to be...going elsewhere, now. So you can get back to what you were doing and I...won't watch."

Kon grinned suddenly. "You want to watch?"

Tim felt a jolt in his body. No, he didn't want to watch Cass suck Kon's dick but...he was half-hard and his heart beat in his throat. The two seconds he'd seen were burned in his brain and he could...he could stand there and watch them. He could watch the entire thing.

It struck him too late that Kon had been kidding. He knew his face was bright red when he finally looked at them. Cass and Kon were looking at each other.

"No. Of course not," he fumbled. "I'm. I'm going elsewhere. Now."

"Tim." This time it was Kon and he was crossing the room. Tim felt frozen in place by embarrassment and the unsettling stirrings of desire.

"Kon," he said softly, urgently as Kon stepped up to him. "Look, I'm sorry. I'll get out of here and you and Cass can--"

"Shut up, Tim," Kon said, reaching up to cuff Tim's neck in his hand. "Stop thinking so much."

And then Kon kissed him.

Tim didn't kiss him back. He was utterly stupefied as to how he'd gotten himself in this position and he wasn't entirely sure that the whole episode wasn't the product of a bad lunch burrito.

"It's ok." This time it was Cass, her thin, strong arms wrapping around his waist and her body pressing against his back.

Tim opened his mouth involuntarily and Kon traced the inside of Tim's lip with his tongue. Tim gasped and tried to draw air and Kon, all at once. Kissing Kon was an entirely different experience than kissing any girl he'd had. It was not gentle and not sweet but it was hot and strong and spicy. It didn't feel feminine at all. Tim felt his blood pulse in his veins and wanted Kon.

Cass's hips pressed into his butt and it was every fantasy at once, even the ones he didn't know he had. Her fingers found their way under his shirt and traced between the muscles and to his waistband. She undid the button of his pants as Kon kissed him and pulled down the zipper, his thumb brushing down Tim's cock.

Tim rocked between them, more convinced than ever that he was having some sort of burrito-induced fantasy. Blood throbbed in his ears as he felt his cock push against his boxers. He'd never felt another cock against his before, but there was Kon, hard behind his jeans. He wanted to moan in protest -- he'd seen Kon's cock just minutes before and memory was a poor substitute. He closed his mouth over Kon's lip as Kon pulled away, not meaning to bite him. As Kon stepped back, Cass moved her hand down Tim's boxers, taking a firm grip on his cock.

"Dude." Kon pulled his t-shirt over his head and tossed it aside. "You ok with this?"

Tim rolled his hips against Cass's hand and wondered at how the sight of Kon's chest suddenly induced arousal rather than envy. "I'm ok," he said, relaxing into a more confident role. He was good at sex. It wasn't something he did often but he was good, with girls at least. He took Cass's hand from his cock and drew her around. "All three of us?" he asked, running his palm down her side, skating over the swell of her breast, the dip of her waist, and the curve of her hip. He cupped her bottom in his hand, all without taking his eyes from Kon. He still couldn't believe he was touching Cass, that Kon was touching him, that Kon was smiling and unbuttoning his pants. But dammit, if this was going to be a dream, he was going to make it a good dream. Tim pushed his hand back up, sliding it under Cass's shirt, his fingers trailing the ridges of her spine.

"I want to see you kiss her," Kon said, resting his hand at his open waistband. "Make it a good one."

Tim shifted his gaze from Kon to Cass, staring up at him with dark, shining eyes. He cupped her face toward him, pressing his lips to hers and opening her mouth easily. She flowed against him, fists tangling in his shirt and fitting her hips to his. He swept his tongue through her mouth, aware of Kon's eyes on them, and more aware of her breasts pressed unevenly against his chest and the hard muscle of her rear under his hands.

New hands, large strong ones, separated her chest from his. Kon's hands, cupping her breasts and stroking them. Tim looked up at the intrusion and found his mouth retaken by Kon. Cass was going to work on Tim's shirt, pulling the buttons from their buttonholes, and squirming between the two bodies pinning her between them.

"Mm," Kon warned, moving his hands to her hips. He nipped at Tim's mouth and chuckled softly. Tim was still pushing toward him, mouth hungry, when Kon spoke. "How're we going to do this?" he asked softly.

"Tim in the middle," Cass murmured, pushing Tim's shirt off his shoulders and pressing her palms across his nipples. He drew in a sharp breath at the thought of being sandwiched between Cass and Kon.

"I don't know," Kon murmured, running both hands through Tim's hair and over his face. He paused to drop a kiss on the top of Cass's head. "I like the idea, though."

His gaze, when it returned to Tim, was questioning. Tim tried to look encouraging. Kon walked around, coming to press himself against Tim's back. His hands rested on Tim's bare shoulders and pushed the sleeves of the shirt off his arms. "Ever been with a guy?" he murmured in Tim's ear, the muscles of his chest flexing against Tim's back.

Tim could feel the hard swell of Kon's erection, still under his jeans, press against his butt. He drew in a breath, realizing he was about to agree to something much more invasive than this position.

"Don't lie to me," Kon added when Tim opened his mouth. "I'll know."

Tim worked his mouth around the word once before saying it out loud. "No."

"Then we'll just play it by ear." Kon's hand was in his pants after that, rubbing down his thigh, brushing over his balls, stroking up his cock. Tim very nearly barked aloud. He pressed back hard against Kon and only opened his eyes because he lost track of Cassandra.

She was on her knees, watching Kon molest him. He met her eyes and she rose up and took the very tip of his cock between her lips. He groaned aloud this time. Her tongue flickered against him and he bucked against Kon, who pushed his trousers down his legs. Kon took his weight and reached around to tease Tim's nipples with his thumbs. Tim felt Kon's mouth at his neck, tongue wetting the skin beneath his ear and his teeth scraping across his racing pulse.

Cass sucked him further into her mouth, sending another shudder through his body. "We need to move this into the bedroom," Kon said, sliding down Tim's body and pressing his face against Tim's hip as he pulled Tim's pants the rest of the way to the ground. Cassandra drew herself off Tim's cock and stood up, nestling against him. He could feel her nipples through her sweater and he whimpered.

"Am I going to have to carry you both?" Kon asked, doing just that. Tim closed his eyes, convinced he didn't want to see the floor whizzing merrily by, and squeezed Cassandra's rear again.

"Cass is still dressed," he said like a tattletale when he felt the bed come up on his back.

"So she is."

Kon's grin was mischievous when Tim opened his eyes. He watched as Kon pulled Cass onto his lap and kissed her neck. "Tim wants to see you naked, sweetheart," he murmured loud enough for Tim to hear and pulled her sweater over her head. She squirmed against Kon, which gave Tim's cock a surge, and tilted her head up to kiss his chin awkwardly. Tim leaned forward and kissed her exposed neck, tonguing the dip at the base. She twisted her head around and kissed the side of his neck pushing him back. Kon's eyes watched them approvingly.

"C'mere," he said, drawing Cass back when he'd had enough watching. He brought his hands up under her breasts, sliding his finger under the edge of the creamy lace until he found the clasp and released it.

Tim watched Kon's large hands maneuver the scrap of lace off Cassandra's body and then watched the body.

Cass arched against Kon, pressing her bottom against his cock and thrusting her breasts forward. If Tim had bothered to think about it, he probably would have realized she was doing it on purpose, but he wasn't thinking, he was busy doing just what she'd expected. Kon's hand offered him one dusky swell and he took it like she'd taken his cock earlier, the tip between his lips before using his tongue and working outward to the flesh.

She tasted like no woman he'd ever had before, but that didn't surprise him. Cass was like no person he'd ever met before. She cried out, an inarticulate sound that might have been his name and Kon's hand was sliding down Tim's stomach and into Cass's jeans.

Tim heard and felt the denim open against his stomach and he took over for Kon's hand, cradling and massaging the breast he wasn't licking. He felt more sure now that it was Cass in the middle and Kon's hands brushing incidentally against his body turned him on more than he ever would have guessed.

Tim hummed against Cass's breast and she bucked violently against him. "Hold on," he whispered, pulling away and bracing himself on his free hand.

Once he pulled back, he could see the reason for her reaction -- Kon had pushed her jeans down her hips and slid two fingers inside her panties and inside her.

"Oh, that's hot," Tim murmured to her, pushing her back against Kon and moving her panties away with his thumb. Kon's hand was in the way to pull them off, so he just held them against her leg and licked. Cass whimpered and squirmed and even Kon gasped when Tim's tongue lathed over his fingers. Tim licked again, twisting his mouth over the crease of Cass's thigh, between Kon's fingers, over his palm, and back down into her wet heat.

He tasted her over and over, pausing only to gasp for air before diving back between her legs. "Tim. Tim." His mouth was full of Kon's fingers and he let Kon push him upward before he opened his eyes and saw Cass shimmying out of her panties.

"Oh," he said, feeling weak everywhere. "Wow."

Kon's mouth caught his ear, wet and sharp, and spoke low, the words resonating in his eardrum. "I want you to fuck her."

Tim's breath came in a shudder as he watched Cass stand and step toward the bed again. Kon stretched out beside him as Cass straddled his lap and kissed him. Tim wrapped his hands around her hips and steadied her as she took his cock in her hand and guided him into her. He groaned into her mouth as she settled on top of him, squeezing his cock deep within her body. She rose and fell on him as he ran his hands up and down her body.

"You two are so pretty together," Kon said. Tim opened his eyes and twisted his head around. Cass licked at his pulse as he took in Kon stretched out on the bed, finally naked. Kon had his cock in his hand and was jerking himself off the way Tim did when he wanted to think about what was arousing him rather than pushing himself to an orgasm.

Tim couldn't think of anything to say that wouldn't sound stupid, so he just ran his hands up Cassandra's ribs, stroking his thumbs under her breasts, and watched Kon stroke his own cock. He curved his hands around Cass's shoulder blades, letting her lean back and drop her head. "You just going to watch?" he asked Kon, tearing his eyes away and leaning in to nip at Cass's throat.

"For a bit," Kon replied. Tim looked back at him, curious. "I want to see your ass in motion, man. Show me what you got."

Tim moved his hands back down under Cassandra's rear and pushed his hips up, thrusting deep inside her as he turned them both over. She wrapped her legs around his hips as they went and he managed to stay inside her through the maneuver.

"Nice," Kon breathed.

Tim settled himself between Cassandra's legs and started testing out a rhythm. She sighed and squirmed beneath him, arching her hips up to meet his thrusts when she was comfortable. Tim started with short, soft pushes and rolled into longer, fuller strokes punctuated by a few hard stabs when she seemed to be pushing for more.

Kon was murmuring something in counterpoint to Cass's gasps in his ear and it wasn't completely a surprise when Kon's hand pressed between his shoulder blades and stroked down his spine and over his ass. Tim took a deep breath as Kon's hand cupped over his ass and slid down to the crease of his legs. He spread his legs a little wider as Kon took hold on his balls.

"Keep fucking," Cass whimpered in his ear when he froze. He kissed her on the mouth and propped himself up on one arm as Kon massaged his sac. He reached between their bodies and found her clit before finding his previous rhythm within her. Kon's mouth was on his back, at the base of his spine, kissing and mouthing the skin. Tim wondered how long he could bear so much sensory input before his body just imploded.

Cass moaned and arched beneath him as he teased the button of flesh between her legs. She raised her hips, bringing one let to his shoulder and pushing the other down his side. Kon was braced behind him and she tucked her leg behind Kon's knee, snugging both legs under her own.

Tim felt Kon's warm, muscular body span his own and watched one hand come around to massage Cassandra's breast. "Make him cry, sweetie," he told her. Tim would have been indignant if Cass hadn't chosen that moment to squeeze herself around him. He groaned involuntarily, dropping his head into the curve of her shoulder. He felt Kon's other hand between the fleshy muscles of his rear and then felt Kon's cock, swelled hard, the skin impossibly soft, between his nether cheeks.

Kon didn't try to enter him, just rubbed himself against Tim's ass and tickled Cass's nipple. Tim felt his hand move from Cass's breast down Tim's stomach to where he was sunk deep into Cass, and explore.

"Kon," he ground out into the pillow.

"I know," Kon replied, laying mouth and lips and teeth into Tim's shoulder. "I'm a dirty, dirty clone."

Tim chuckled strainedly.

Kon shifted against Tim's back again, his hands disappearing, and then the weight was gone. The exciting sensation of Kon's cock rubbing against his ass was gone, too, and Tim eased his own weight over Cassandra, drawing out halfway and pushing in solidly to reaffirm his place. She pushed him up a bit and lifted her head to his chest, targeting one of his flat, stiffened nipples. Tim closed his eyes and enjoyed the feel of her mouth on him and the pulse of her around his cock. Tim felt Kon against his ass again, his hand, his fingers, slick and insistent. He thrust into Cass again, but Kon's body was against his back, stopping him.

"Hold still for this," Kon whispered.

Tim held still, tense, and felt Kon's fingers, gelled with lube of some sort, stroke all the tender places behind his balls and finally dip inside -- all the way inside. His breath caught harshly in his throat and Cass reached one hand up to his face. "It's ok," she whispered, her dark eyes wide on his.

Kon reached deeper and it felt odd and embarrassing to Tim. It also felt tight and it was only Kon's finger. Tim had seen Kon's fingers and he'd seen Kon's cock and they weren't comparable.

"Kon," he said.

"Shh. Just give it a minute," Kon encouraged.

Tim gave it a minute. He let Kon push inside him and he even felt it when Kon hit his prostate. "Oh. Kon. Ah." It was a paralyzing kind of good but it was too much for tonight. "Kon."

"It's ok." Kon's fingers were gone and then Kon's body was pressed up against Tim's back as Kon hugged him and kissed his shoulder and the back of his neck.

"I -- I just --" Tim didn't get to finish before Cass was kissing him and then he felt Kon's breath in his ear.

"Don't worry about it, Rob. Sometimes it's too much."

Kon was releasing him, then, and Cass was pushing him, and somehow Tim ended up on his back. He had slipped out of Cass when she rolled them over, and she sprawled over him, kissing him. His cock throbbed anew and he suddenly wanted to prove himself. He reached down, stroking over Cass's leg and walking his fingers over the swell of her ass before finding her wetness. She squirmed upward on his body and then hopped off him.

Tim opened his eyes and sat up, wondering if this was all one big setup, and wondered about the lunch burrito once more.

But he had nothing to worry about. Cass was gathering a pillow under her hips and she was bending over Kon's cock, taking it in her mouth and hand as she knelt between his legs. Tim brought his hands to her hips and she tilted her bottom up invitingly. He probed with his fingers until he found where to enter her, and slid inside. She was tighter this way, slick and hot, and he groaned aloud as he began fucking her. He knew this was the last position. He simply didn't have any more stamina and he could feel his orgasm building in his balls. Watching Kon's face twist and contort as Cass sucked him off wasn't slowing anything down, either.

"I'm gonna come," he warned as his hips bounced against Cass's bottom. "God, you're so fucking hot." He wasn't sure which one of them he was talking to, or both of them, but when Kon opened his eyes with the clear intention of watching Tim orgasm, it was enough to send him over the edge. Release flushed through his body and Cass seemed to be holding him extra tightly as he rammed his body against hers. When his ears had popped and he'd dropped his head to kiss her shoulder, he realized she was in the midst of her own orgasm and wrapped one arm around her waist to rub her clit while she bounced between his cock and Kon's. Her cries were muffled by Kon's cock, which she sucked into her mouth harder with each wave of pleasure. The effect on Kon was visible in the way his fists were clenching in the bedclothes and in his winces and strangled groans.

"Come in her mouth," Tim told him, without really knowing why.

"Fuck," Kon gasped, his hips snapping up. "Argh." He squeezed his eyes closed and threw his head back as he came. Tim watched every muscle twitch, every gasp, every hitch until Cass swallowed and sat up, pulling away from them both.

"C'mere." Tim turned Cass's face toward him and kissed her deeply, sweeping his tongue through her mouth. He could taste Kon's ejaculation, a creamy, salty essence still in Cassandra's mouth. He needed to do this, because he hadn't let Kon inside him. Maybe next time, he promised himself as he released Cass to kiss Kon. If there is a next time.

Tim braced his arms behind him as Kon pulled away. He was still panting but it was clear they were done and...his room was right next door. "I should," he started lamely, glancing at the wall separating the rooms as Kon faceplanted on one pillow.

"Shut up," Kon ordered. "Lay down." One sweep of his arm knocked Tim back into the other pillow and then Cass was crawling over them both and snuggling down between them. "We'll talk about it later," he added, spooning up against Cass's back and resting one hand on Tim's chest. "So shut up and get some sleep."

Cass curled up against Tim's side and so Tim, Kon's taste still evident in his mouth, closed his eyes and grinned to himself. And eventually, he even slept.

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