Wayne Enterprises

The Company to Work For

Wayne Enterprises has remained a driving force in Gotham's economy. It stays number one on the list of great places to work in part due to the CEO's progressive human resources policies, a well managed and prosperous profit-sharing program, and its excellent reputation.

Bruce Wayne:

The flaky owner and CEO of Wayne Enterprises is rarely at work before noon but still manages to keep Lucius Fox on his toes with his occasional bouts of "genius".

Lucius Fox:

Bruce Wayne's right-hand-man and one of the legends of the financial world. He stole Bruce's college intern, Timothy Drake, when he realized just how smart the boy was.

Tim Drake:

Tim started at WE as a college intern to excuse his excessive time with Bruce. Lucius Fox recognized his potential and hijacked Tim to train him in the daily workings of the company. Upon graduation from college, Tim becomes a junior executive and Fox's right hand man.

Cassandra Cain:

Working for Tim under Bruce's decree, Cassandra is officially The World's Worst Secretary. She doesn't type, get coffee or copy and her filing system is highly questionable. The office rumor mill works overtime trying to figure out why Bruce forced her on Tim and why Tim puts up with her.

Kevin Ormond:

Kevin entered the WE intern program at the same time as Tim and the two are still friendly. Kevin works in the public relations department, partly because of his classic good looks. He's a good guy but is constantly puzzled by Tim and Cass.


Bruce's long-suffering secretary is used to her boss's whims and manages to keep him perfectly organized.


Rita is Lucius' secretary.

Marcia Raines:

A contemporary of Tim and Kevin, Marcia makes a heck of a good apple pie.

Crazy Norm:

Crazy Norm works in accounting.


Patty's sugar cookies are famous at the WE employee Christmas parties.


Sandra makes Pecan Sandies for every party.


Dave made coconut haystacks for the WE employee Christmas party the year Tim and Cassie made Lumps of Unidentified Matter.

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