Splean is the house band at the Gator Grill. Their repertoire consists of commercial jingles and hard rock covers of popular songs. They also do "The Girl From Ipanema." For reasons no one understands, Splean is insanely popular among high school students and Dinah Lance-Wayne, who heads up the Splean Fan Club. Their contract with the owners of the Grill is 386 pages long and consists of such clauses as: 42b) When Barbara Grayson comes in, they must play "Barbara Ann" by the Beach Boys, 90a) Whenever Clark Kent comes in, they must play something by Metallica and 7) They must never play "Private Idaho" by the B-52s.

The Gator (Bert Drake):

The Gator is the star of Splean--lead singer and guitarist. Bert Drake took the name from an old stuffed toy he used to drag around. The much younger brother of Wayne Enterprises financial manager Tim Drake, Bert is a music student at Gotham State. He moonlights as Robin, sidekick to the Dark Knight.


String is the second guitar. He once threw his guitar across the Gator Grill in fit of enthusiasm.


Bert and String found Roger working at the university library. He plays the keyboard and has composed many "artsy" songs for Splean, all of which remain untested.

The Other Guy:

Bert knows The Other Guy's real name but won't tell Tim. The Other Guy once lived with Tim and dated Cecilia Jones for a time. A short time. The Other Guy plays the drums.


Trina plays the tambourine and dances. Spastically.

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