Tim's Townhouse

The Townhouse

The last two years of his college career, Tim Drake lived in a slightly ramshackle townhouse with three of his classmates. No one in the Batfamily thought he would be able to keep his secret identity as Robin a secret for very long in such a noisy college setting. They were wrong.

Tim Drake:

Tim Drake, aka Robin, is the odd man out in his college home. Neatly dressed, hardworking and possessing good grades, Tim is definitely the exception to the rule.


Tim's roommate since freshman year, Jerry is an incorrigible slob, snores and is never seen before noon. Underneath it all, Jerry's a good guy and a friend when it counts.


Tim and Jerry's roommate since sophomore year, Trent is slightly more punked out than the other two, but no less loyal. Trent knows a lot of people.

The Other Guy:

Despite the fact that he was the original renter of the townhouse, Tim never caught The Other Guy's real name and is too embarrassed to ask. Quiet and reticent while sober, The Other Guy never bothers Tim unless he's participating in one of the traditional Townhouse Parties. He dates Cecilia Jones for a while and ends up playing with Splean.

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