The Gator Grill

The Gator Grill

The Grill is almost a character in itself. It's a small eatery, with four booths along each wall and a few tables in the middle. A bar stretches across the back for the evening patrons. A stage up front showcases Splean several nights a week. Jack Knight helped Spud and Mutt canvass the neighborhood for memorabilia to decorate the grill. Among the more recognizable relics are paintings done by Dinah and Barbara during their trip to a spa (Birds of Paradise), pictures from Tim and Cassandra Drake's wedding, newspaper clippings of Officer Filb's Little League team, and the first bowling trophy Tim and Cass ever won.

James "Spud" Scranton Grayson

Spud is the co-owner and chef for the Gator Grill. Dinah and Bruce gave him the building as a gift when he graduated from Gotham State University. He cooks and serves for the lunch and dinner shifts. One day he'll probably buy out Mutt's half of the grill when Mutt takes over Hogan's Alley, but right now he's enjoying the freedom of having a partner.

Michael "Mutt" Hogan

Hogan's adopted son, compliments of Dick, cleaned up his act and found he liked running restaurants. He came up with the capital for the startup of the Gator Grill once Spud procured a building. He runs the breakfast crowd and returns to tend bar in the evening. One day he might sell out to take over Hogan's Alley, but no time soon.


The main waitress at the Gator Grill, Holly works from 11am to close. She swears up and down she's only doing it for Spud, because he's her favorite ex-boyfriend, but she's stayed for nearly two years and counting.

Bert Drake

In addition to his night act as The Gator when he performs with Splean, Bert is the breakfast waiter. Unfortuntely, his fallback is peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, so you might just get one if the kitchen is busy.


The house band, Splean is insanely popular for reasons no one can figure out.


Anitra was the first hostess of the Gator Grill. When she moved on, Spud and Mutt couldn't find anyone they liked nearly so well, so they just let people seat themselves.


One of the first waitresses for the Grill, Juana worked lunches as a second job. She married Larry Wojowski, who was Dick's rookie for a while, and moved on.

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