The One...the Only...the Small Potatoes Drinking Game!

Every series has it's tradmarks, repeated phrases, and goofy stuations. And every good series can poke fun at them. That's what this page is all about.
If you've seen other drinking games, you know what this is about. The rules are the same. If you haven't, it won't take long to catch on. Grab your beverage of choice. (We writing the Potatoverse do not promote or condone underage consumption of alcohol. On the other hand, what we don't know doesn't hurt us.) Read a story. Follow the instructions below. And most of all, LAUGH! We certainly did!

If Dinah or Bruce claim not to be sleeping with the other, drink once.
If Dinah or Bruce claim to not even know the other, drink twice.
If Dinah or Bruce actually admit to having sex, chug.

If someone calls Gator "Son of Krypton" drink once.
If someone who isn't Bert or Cass calls Gator Son of Krypton, drink twice.
If Gator calls himself Son of Krypton, chug.
If Jack calls Gator Son of Krypton, drink the bottle.

If Kon calls Cass 'little buddy' drink one.
If Cass calls Kon 'little buddy' drink two.

If Spud plays with Buckshot drink one.
If Bert plays with Buckshot drink two.
If Buckshot plays with Gator drink three.
If Bruce plays with Gator, Buckshot, and a hairbow, chug. (A.j. that was just scary and I'm very afraid.)

If Cass kisses Kon drink one.
If Cass kisses Tim drink two.

If Stephanie Brown does something mean, drink one.
If Stephanie Brown does something unintentionally mean, drink two.
If Stephanie Brown does something nice, drink three.

If a character readies a jumpline, drink.
If a character has trouble with a jumpline, drink twice.
If a character implies that a jumpline has been used for something OTHER than roofcrawling, chug.

If Tim has just missed some very obvious clue that Bruce and Dinah are sleeping together, drink.

If Cass complains of physical pain, chug.

If Donna's cats are mentioned, drink.

If Spud is cooking something, drink.
If Dinah is helping, drink twice.

If Dinah is eating Ben and Jerry's, drink once.
If it's a flavor that rhymes, drink twice.

If Roy answers any phone, anywhere, drink.

If Spud acts like a "nascent Alfred," drink once.

If Cass and Tim are at the office, drink once.
If Kevin Ormond shows up, drink twice.
If Bruce and/or Lucius show up, drink three times.
If Crazy Norm from the mailroom shows up, chug.

If someone refers to Superman as "Big Blue," drink once.
If Bruce refers to Superman as "Big Blue," drink a lot.

If Babs acts salty, drink once.

If Tim is in the Batman suit, drink once.
If Tim is in the Nightwing suit, drink twice.
If Tim is in the Black Canary suit, chug.

If Aquaman appears, drink once for each occurance of the following words: Sanctimonious, impudent, impetuous, guppy, flounder, upworlder, prejudice, hydrate, or "gutteral C'ha"

If Martian Manhunter shows up, drink once.
If he's in some other form, and reveals himself halfway through the scene, drink twice.
If he doesn't reveal himself, but you're SURE that some character is really Martian Manhunter in disguise, put down the bottle. You've drunk too much.

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