Blüdhaven PD

The Blüdhaven Police Department

The Blüdhaven PD was hopelessly mired in corruption and populated by mostly dirty cops. Nightwing was instrumental in bringing down Chief Redhorn and Mac Arnot and after their demise, honest cops started coming out of the woodwork.

Chief Addad:

An honest veteran of the force and former homicide captain, Addad took over the role of Chief after Redhorn was arrested.

Captain Amy Rohrbach:

Once Graham Filbert's rookie and Dick Grayson's partner, Amy fought her way to up captain of homicide and now contents herself with finding horrible assignments for her old rookie.

Officer Graham Filbert:

An honest cop close to retirement, Filb has turned down several promotions to stay in uniform and on the streets. Older, slower and fatter, he's on his way to retirement but not looking forward to it. His wife Marina died last September of cancer, leaving him alone except for his Little League team and his niece Jeanette Nancy (Jencie), her husband, and her three kids in Montana.

Officer Dick Grayson:

Dick's considered the "Boy Scout" of BPD. He's sometimes seen as a little too optimistic but is respected for his results.


A balding youth cop, Wiest spends his weekends playing "Winky the Clown" to children at Rabe Memorial Hospital. He's something of a slob and shares an office with his partner Conrad.


Another youth cop, Conrad keeps a SuperSoaker on his desk.


Coombs was the desk sergeant in Coming Home.


Riley makes crap coffee.


Jefferson answered a call from a neighbor reporting mysterious figures on the Graysons' roof in Night at the Roxbury. Now what would people be doing on the Graysons' roof? Jefferson is a father.

Larry Wojolski

Dick's rookie partner circa Year 36, Wojolski married Gator Grill waitress Juana. Spud blamed his father for the loss of such a good waitress, because Dick was the one who set them up.

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