Small Potatoes Trivia Quiz Answers

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1. Which characters are "not sleeping together"?

d. Bruce and Dinah

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2. Who did Roy Harper (Arsenal) hire to babysit his daughter Lian?

b. Cissie King-Jones (Arrowette)

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3. Who is Bert Drake's most trusted friend and companion?

e. Gator

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4. What is the title of everyone's favorite soap opera?

a. The Brave and the Bold

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5. What former superhero is now a Blüdhaven social worker?

d. Stephanie Brown (Spoiler)

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6. Who is Buckshot's archnemesis?

b. Evil Spoon

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7. What is Cassandra Cain's favorite movie?

d. It's a Wonderful Life

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8. What food did Barbara serve Spud the first time he ate with the Graysons?

b. Lasagna

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9. Who is Kevin Ormond?

d. A Wayne Enterprises Employee

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10. What is Filb's marital status?

d. Widower

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