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8/22: Valse Fantaisie in B Minor.

Presenting... Kael!

In 1999, as the Sea & Sky 'verse began to take shape, Kael was there to offer unflagging encouragement and apt psychological observations on the characters that not only provided grounding for the series to move forward, but helped create the basis for everything that would come after. After a several-years hiatus she's come back to comic fic, and by way of thanks for her initial contributions to my fic I consider it my personal mission to beg, coerce, and otherwise provide any stimulus necessary for her to continue her own. Hence, this page. :)

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Dracoverse stories

Draco illustration by KJ

Several years ago, Kaylee began a series of fanfics based on one simple premise: What if Jason Todd, aka Robin II, hadn't died? And thus The Dracoverse was born. Kael was in on the creation of this 'verse from the beginning, and I'm thrilled to host her fic for this marvelous series here!


Beach Boys subseries

Kael says: As Kaylee was writing the first Dracoverse stories, kerithwyn and Dannell started putting out their beautiful Sea and Sky series, and Kaylee said unto me, "I want a Dick and Garth of my very own for the Dracoverse! I want this and this to stay the same, and this and this to be different, and I don't care about any of the other details or how any of the rest of it happens. You should do that!"

And so I have. After a day looking at Glockgal's and Maggie's beautiful art, Kaylee started calling them the Beach Boys. Since then, everything that focusses primarily on Dick and Garth or the extended Titans family has become a Beach story.

Mansions by the Sea. FORTHCOMING.

Hero. Two Titans walk into a bar... (underage, yet! *gasp*)

Valse Fantaisie in B Minor. Here There Be backstory for the Dick and Garth who dwell in Kaylee's Dracoverse. Titans stuff, from the old days. Some moments have power we never expect. Not really relationship fic. A decision point.

Sea & Sky stories

It's always a wonder when I can beg/coerce/otherwise inspire others to write for me. ^_^ For the rest of the Sea & Sky series, go here.

Sea and Sky: Pretty in Fuschia. Dick drops by to chat with his Author. METAFIC.

Sea and Sky: Harmony and Discord: Many Voices. How many kinds of culture shock should one Ambassador have to face?

Sea and Sky: The Caramel Ice-Cream Alternative. There are alternatives to overwork.

Other Stories

Greenland, listed in Kaylee's section. After tangling with Wipeout in Genosha, an injured and powerless Victor Creed is dumped in Greenland, where a camper finds him. Part of the Kai & Logan "Tag Team" series. OFFSITE LINK.

Mischief and Mattresses, listed in Kaylee's section. [original: Jack/Zach] Jack and Zach (introduced in the Kai & Logan "Tag Team" series) are settling in together for the long haul, and that means...shopping trip! OFFSITE LINK.

A Fleeting Kinda Grace. [X-Men: Bobby/Remy] A companion story to the Kinda Mooks series by Kaylee, set shortly before Any Kinda Breath. Bobby and Remy take a moment to just be...them. (A Kaylee's Birthday story!) OFFSITE LINK.

Unsaved. [Gotham-cast] Words on a screen, a power surge, and a message gone unheard.... OFFSITE LINK.

Within Rights. A bittersweet tale on how much we may say "It can never happen to me..." Many times it can, featuring Arsenal and Lian. OFFSITE LINK.

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