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OK. Total gratuitous sex with no redeeming social value. Except maybe fairness. After making you read through all that chit chat? I thought the boys should finally get a break. an end to all our frustration, :-) here is one last roll of the dice.

Vegas Knights

- Chapter 5

by Darklady

Rated: R+

Disclaimer: DC owns the characters. I own some lawn furniture. Sure wish it was the other way around. Don't you?

Slash: Yes. Absolutely. Pure PWP. Finally.

Archive: Ask

The wicker lounge chair creaked loudly as the pair on it moved closer together, lips locked and tongues thrusting in the opening moves of a long familiar yet ever-fresh kata. Questing hands pushed aside disregarded finery as they hunted relentlessly for long desired skin. Sweat slick limbs twined and teased as two heroes rolled together, only slowing when the high squeal of stressed metal warned on impending collapse.

Lounge chairs really were not built for the weight of two men. Especially two men as well muscled - and thus as heavy - as the various members of the 'super hero' community tended to be. Most especially when those two men were inclined to engage in serious gymnastics. When those gymnastics were of the nature and athleticism that Batman and Nightwing could achieve in their more 'physical' moods? Alfred's severe disapproval at the occurrence of damaged furniture had long since taught both men the virtue of dojo-strength practice mats.

Not that there were any such things to be found in Shreck's Vegas condo. Dick Grayson was seriously debating a move to the bedroom - or the floor - when he felt a sudden vibration against the inside of his thigh.

"Is that your phone?" Dick whispered against the warm lips now hovering just above his own. "Or are you back into toys?"

"Damn!" Bruce muttered as he reached down for the phone, but Dick had the advantage of position and claimed the unit first.

"Who?" Dick tensed, then at the first calm tones from the other ends relaxed. "Oh, Robin. What do you need?" Still listening, Dick shifted up a bit to rest against the cushions. Much more comfortable, and it also moved the phone a bit farther from a certain over perceptive pair of pointy ears. "OK. No problem. You know who to call if ... OK.. I trust your judgment."

Bruce held out his hand for the phone.

Dick grinned, but only scrunched back further out of range. "I know where he is. I'll tell him. Understood. Check in when you get back to Gotham."

"Robin?" The Dark Knight's gaze flickered behind a pair of sea-blue eyes. "Trouble?"

"Not for us." Dick answered, finally surrendering the now disconnected phone. "Party's breaking up, but Tim wants to take a few of his Young Justice friends desert driving to check out the Redbird."

"Sensible." the Bat approved. "The team should learn it's parameters before trusting it in combat."

"That too."Dick wiggled back into his previous comfort. "Although I suspect the sound system is getting the big test tonight."

"That was installed for crowd control." Batman's voice was stern with sudden rebuke.

Dick laughed and dropped a kiss on a pair of now scowling lips. "And knowing teens...he'll have a crowd.

"Perhaps I should.....?"

"Your choice." Dick agreed, busy fingers popping the last few studs from the Gotham fashion-plate's already-rumpled dress shirt. "You can beam over to the red rocks and watch the kid practice s-curves on the sand. Or ......" Dick finished the sentence not with words but with a series of kisses that began on a granite-firm chin and ended somewhere lower and far more interesting. Although, Dick thought to himself, just as firm.

"Tim's a smart kid." Bruce's voice caught a bit as he felt the button at his waist give way.

"True." Dick's tongue explored the now exposed navel. First briefly, then with the through concentration so often evident in the cave-trained, he sought out every sensitive nerve.

"Very sensible." Bruce gasped, hips thrusting up in unspoken encouragement.

"Absolutely." Dick slid down Bruce's zipper to release the swelling column of blushing flesh.

"A team...ohh... leader." Bruce stifled a moan as he felt a brief chill, then a deeper warmth as firm lips brushed against the ruby head. Dick could hear the faster rushing of Bruce's pulse as his ear rested against one iron muscled thigh. Not fast enough, but Dick could work on that.

"He is indeed." Dick's tongue circled the purpled head, brushing lightly across the tip as his hands reached deeper to capture the hard planes of Bruce's ass. Taking control, Dick guided Bruce's cock deeper into his throat until the young man's nose brushed against sable hair.

"I suppose...uhh... I should trust Tim to handle his own people."

"So?" The word was almost lost, muffled as it was against throbbing flesh. "What should we do?" Dick's hands slid across his lovers ass until one long finger was close enough to just brush the tight opening and stroke down the tender curves of Bruce's swollen balls. A light brush, then deeper, then back up between the firm curves of Bruce's ass. Down again, and circling, the first gentle pressure demanding an entrance.

Strong hands reached down,clamping Dick's wide shoulders with a force just short of bruising. "Come here." Bruce said.

Dick released the weeping cock with a final kiss and slid up Bruce's now rigid body, nibbling as he went. Arms locked, legs linked, they tumbled together onto the rug-strewn floor of the tree-screened balcony.

Passion hardened lips met, and just before Dick gave himself up to the demanding tongue he whispered, "Good choice!"


KKR 2003

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