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Notes: To completely understand this ,you have to have read another story of mine titled Daring Young Man . Unfortunately, unless you are one of three people, this is impossible. No Prob. All you really need to know is that, in the time between Robin's departure and Nightwing's return, Richard Grayson and Roy Harper worked together on a smuggling case in Las Vegas. Dick's cover was that of an gypsy aerialist named Gregor Scaforzie. There's a lot more, but that's all that matters here.

SKH requested "Vegas, Siegfried and Roy, the tigers, and lots of brat-spoiling" I think she had in mind sex too, but for some reason this week all my stories are coming out clean. Not my fault, honest, that just happens sometimes.

Vegas Knights

- Chapter 1

by Darklady

Rated: PG-13

Disclaimer: I do not own ANY of the recognizable characters. DC Comics owns Bruce Wayne and Richard Grayson. Siegfried and Roy own themselves and also several tigers. No copyright infringement is intended, and likewise no offense or usurpation of the professional image of Siegfried and Roy, who appear only as a tribute to their well-known efforts towards the preservation of endangered species.

Slash: Officially yes. None on scene . ( A few cryptic remarks, but if you don't know you wont know) Unless you count Siegfried and Roy. They are, I'm fairly certain. Still, Hornet Universe.

Archive: Ask

Sequel: Sort of. Starts about 15 minutes after Sweet Sixteen

Midnight on the Strip. Flashing signs and headlights brightened the streets for the reveling crowds below, and the clamor of horns and voices filled the air. High above, on the roof of the world famous Warriors Tower, two famous figures crouched unmoving. Batman, the Dark Knight of Gotham, and his once-protegee Nightwing.

Solemnly, the young vigilante turned to his cowled companion.

"Want go back to the party?"


"Want to go home?"


"Got civvies?"

"I could."

"Well. lets see. We could perch on a rooftop and wait for muggers? Or we could catch a show?"


"Hell yes," the younger man laughed. "I have friends at the Bellagio."

"Of course." the Bat quipped. "A town full of showgirls and you want to go to the circus."

"Once a carney, always a carney. And what was that about Vegas showgirls?"

"A thing of the past - I swear."

"I should hope so."

"They always went for you anyway."

Nightwing raised one hand in protest of his innocence. "Never touched her , your Honor. I swear."

Batman choked back an uncharacteristic snort of disbelief.

"Well, then" Nightwing gave his companion an accessing look. "As long as you promise you wont be tempted. How about the Mirage?"

Dick Grayson checked his tie in the bathroom mirror. "I hope Shreck won't mind our borrowing his apartment."

"I called." Bruce Wayne replied. "Shreck said we were welcome."

"Nice guy."

"Major deal pending."

"That too." Dick picked up his jacket. "Was that before or after you called Alfred to beam over this monkey suit."

Bruce looked over his former ward and smiled. "You look very handsome."

"I look like a waiter."

"A handsome waiter. Besides, if I keep you out of spandex maybe I can keep you down to earth."

"Not a chance."

"Oh well." The Gotham magnate gave an exaggerated sigh, "Perhaps I should tell Alfred to find the old green pants?"

"Not a chance I'm flying tonight" Dick laughed. "At least - not like that."

The volcano was in mid-eruption when their taxi pulled up in front of the glass decked entrance of the famous Las Vegas hotel. As the uniformed attendant reached for the door, Dick Grayson turned to his companion.

"Bruce?," he asked with a wicked grin, "You up for something different tonight?

Bruce Wayne raised one eyebrow."What did you have in mind?"

That was all the answer the younger man required. With a low chuckle he said,"Follow me."

They strode through the lobby and up to the atrium, where a grey-haired older man in a tuxedo stood self-importantly at the entrance to the Moongate restaurant. Giving the well dress pair an accessing look, the man asked. "Do you gentlemen have reservations.?"

Dick ignored him, reaching over the counter for a note pad and scribbling a few words."Take this to Maurice. Tell him the Bird is back."

"I am not..." the man began, then reconsidered in view of the pairs obvious prosperity. "One minute please."

The maitre-de picked up the phone and quickly punched a number. "Mr. Maurice? There is a young man here, and he asked me you inform you that...'the bird is back'. Should I? Sir? Yes sir."

"Mr. Scaforzie. This way, please," the man said as he quickly guided the duo to the best table.

Dick and Bruce were still reading their menus when a instantly recognizable figure strode up to their table.

"Siegfried!" Dick said, rising.

"Greg, darling!" the well built blonde man cried,sweeping the younger man into a warm hug. "And who is your gorgeous friend?"

Bruce Wayne rose, holding out his hand. "Thomas Malone."

The newcomer shook it enthusiastically. "Together?" he inquired.

"Very much so," Dick answered,"But I'll tell Roy you asked."

"Don't." was the laughing response. "The beasts are on a very restricted diet, and Vegas Fairy is NOT on the menu."

As they were still chatting, a brunette- and equally famous - man entered the room.

"Roy!" Siegfried called out, waving. "You remember Gregor."

"Oh, yes." Roy smiled, hugging Dick. "Trapeze. And you used to come over and play with the cats."

He turned to offer Wayne his hand."I've seen you before? When Greg was flying?"

"Perhaps." Bruce answered. "I met Gregor when he was working in Las Vegas. "

"For real? Good for you. He's the type of guy who deserves to get lucky. But mind you - hurt him and you're toast."

"So I've learned." Bruce nodded. "You circus types stick together."

"Damn right."

Roy gestured them to take their seats, Bruce and Dick did so, but Siegfried shook his head. "Sorry guys. Got to go. Cats to load."

Roy nodded, "I'll be down in ten." Then swung into the chair next to Dick.

He gave the well-dressed pair an accessing look. "You looking for a place?"

"Nope," the younger man grinned. "We've got a gig."

"Too bad". You could do real well nowadays. Lots of expansion."

"Just in town for one night. What's hot?"

"The Gypsy for dancing. The Bel for the games. Buffalo if you're into the scene."

Dick rolled his eyes toward Bruce. "Does it look like I need to shop around?"

"No way." Roy answered , giving Dick's companion a very through once over. "If I had him, I wouldn't leave the house."

Dick gave Bruce a solemn look and intoned. "Tiger chow."

Roy laughed, checking his watch. "To bad you missed the show. Come on back and meet the crew anyway. And your tab is on us."

"I don't think.." Bruce Wayne began.

"Circus law, Malone." Dick interrupted. "Never pass up a free meal."

"Well." Bruce conceded. "I'd hate to violate an old Gypsy custom. Even one I suspect was just made up."

They were still saying their goodbyes when a cry broke thru the restaurant babble.

"Roy!" The blonde man ran up, panting.

"Siegfried? What is it?"

"Luna is missing! She was in the van, and now they are both gone. I called security, and the police, but..."

"Luna?" Bruce murmured to Dick.

"Their favorite cat." he whispered back.

"They called the LVPD over a missing cat?"

"These guy's cats are white, stripped, and weigh in at 300 pounds. And despite the rumors, the claws are all there."

"Ouch." Bruce winced. "And I though Selena was a rough date."

"Hey Sig." Dick said, interrupting the two men's frantic conference. " You said they took the van?"

"Yes, but.."

"You've got Lojac, right?"

"Yes, but in this city, with all the tall buildings? The police say they aren't picking up a signal."

"Let me try something." Dick said, holding his hand out towards his companion. "Tom - are you carrying our 'phone'."

"Don't leave home without it "Bruce quipped as he handed over the communicator. "Star 3 for home, 2 for Barb, 6 for upstairs."

"Thanks." Dick nodded, dialing. Holding the phone to his ears , he begins. "Babs - I need a signal code on a Lojac - van license TIGER3 - Nevada - Good - Send it up to J'onn." He smiles at Bruce as he clicks off the line. Another button, a few seconds wait, and then. "Officer Jones? It's me...that's right...exactly...could you do me a favor? I need a signal trace on a Lojac system. Its not picking up but it should still be active. Oracle should be sending.... good.......Thanks.....I'll stay active....."

"OK, guys. The van is on Flamingo , slowed by traffic. You got a fast car?"

"Downstairs." Siegfried answered. "Roy, you get the gear. I think David came in his Mustang. That's fast. I'll get Copperfield's keys, and tell him we're taking his car."

Dick looked at Siegfried, then at Bruce. "Let's go."

As the two performers raced off, Bruce looked at Dick, "You mean to tell me we are about to go hunting a tiger, on the streets on Las Vegas, in a classic Mustang convertible, with two guys dressed in rhinestones and satin?"

"Pretty much."

"Well" Bruce laughed. "You did say different."

As Dick stood, Bruce held out his hand, "Give me back the 'phone'. I need to make one more call."

"Don't tell me Earl's got a Bat-Tiger-Trap."

"Be prepared, Gregor. Always be prepared."

By the time they reached the car, Roy was waiting.

Bruce looked at the long case resting on the hood. "Rifle?"

"Tranks." Roy replied. "Better this then how the cops would shoot her."

"Got the keys." Siegfried shouted, rushing out of the elevator.

"Good." Dick snatched them out of Siegfried's hands, then looked at Bruce.

"No." Bruce answered Dick, pointing to Roy. "You drive. He'll navigate. Me? Hopefully I'm just along for the ride."

Dick maneuvered the sports car up the ramp, gaining speed as he merged into traffic. The traffic kept them slow, but since it did the same for the stolen van, it made little difference. As long as the signal held, Dick would catch them.

They caught their first glimpse of the fleeing vehicle as they took the on ramp on to Highway 15. Even in town, the multiple lanes of the freeway offered more room for maneuvering, and soon Dick was tucked in behind his quarry.

He looked at Bruce.

"No." Bruce growled. "Don't take them yet. To much of a crowd. Let them buy us some maneuvering room."

They followed until the traffic cleared at the edge of town. Now only a few headlights cut the night darkness.

"Soon?" Dick asked, dropping back discretely.

Bruce held out his hand. "Roy. Give me the gun."

Seeing Roy hesitation, Dick interjected. "Trust him. He's done big game before."

"For the driver?" Roy gave Tom a nervous look." I don't know. These doses are set for tigers. I've never used them on a human, and I'm not sure if.."

"No matter." came the reply. "I'm not aiming at the human."

"Tire?" Siegfried looked over and shook his head. " It wont work. Not enough mass."

"Not with your load." Bruce reached into his pant pocket and pulled out a single cartridge. "And I'm not aiming at the tires either."

"Malone," Roy started, hesitant. "I'm not comfortable with killing..."

"No one's going to die unless they do something very stupid." Bruce took the rifle, popping out the tranquilizer dart and loading his own ammunition. "Seat belts, gentlemen. We may need to move suddenly."

Dick started his turn signals. "Fifteen seconds" Moving to the right lane,he drew alongside the van, then slowly pulled slightly in front of it.

Resting the barrel on the window ledge, Bruce took careful aim at motor. One shot, astoundingly silent in the still desert night. The vans radiator grill crinkled a bit but did not break.

Bruce handed rifle back to Roy.

They watched amazed as the vans motor coughed, sputtered, then finally failed altogether.

Bruce pointed at the approaching off ramp. "Loop around. Time to look helpful."

Dick took the ramp at full speed, curving around to reinter from the other side.By the time they approached in the opposite direction, the driver was outside and looking frustrated. Another man was standing at the back door, clumsily working the locks.

Dick pulled on to the the median. "That all of them, you think?"

"I guess so." Roy replied. The van only has two seats."

"Good." Bruce answered as he surveyed the scene. "You two get ready to grab a tiger while we go help."

Dick was just jumping the concrete divider when the van door sprung open and a white shape leapt out.

"Anything in there?" the van driver called.

"Yeh." came the answer, almost lost under the loud snarl. "A tiger."

Under the circumstances, the arrest was almost anti-climatic.

Siegfried snapped a leash onto Luna's collar, while Dick and Bruce cuffed the two thieves with the performers belts. Roy called the LVPD, who were delighted to learn that they, at least, would not have to try and recapture the stolen tiger.

"Think the police will be mad if we leave them here?"

"You know, if we take the tiger away with us... they'd probably be glad."

"You saved our Luna."Roy gushed, ruffling the snowy fur that now occupied most of the back seat. "I don't know how to reward you."

"Not necessary" Bruce insisted from the front seat. "Really."

"No." Siegfried insisted. "You came here for fun, and we took you off on a tiger hunt. And you saved our baby. We owe you - and we circus folk always pay our debts."

"I just want to go back to the hotel and have dinner." Bruce insisted. "I think I've had my excitement for the night. Greg?"

"I don't know about excitement, but dinner sounds real good about now."

End Part One

KKR 2003

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