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Christmas Present

Part Six ( Charity)

by Darklady

Disclaimer: Just borrowing the boys - and they'll be back under the tree before DC notices. I won't even bend the box. (The characters? They're already bent enough around me. )

Rated: P for Payback

PPS: Janissary appears in Planet DC #4 - which in my never to be humble opinion was the only gem in a large pile of scrap glass.

"Tim Drake. Wake up." A ghost above my bed. A really good looking ghost. Even if her face is half covered. I'm mind-walking through my list of villains when...

"I am the Janissary."

Which means I'm sort of slow, 'cause it still takes me a few seconds.

"From Turkey ?"

"OH yeh - I remember. Justice League. Big time genie thing."


I grab the sheets, glad I wore pajamas tonight. "So, ah.. What can I do for...."

"I have been asked to take you to Gotham. Will you go.?"

"Sure. Just ...gimmi a second to find my gear."

"No need." A wave of her hand and I'm standing there in a navy suit. Tie and all. Got to say this for magic. Her ties don't strangle me.

She sets a stone dove on my nightstand.

"There. I will know if you are disturbed" Another gesture and a dove pin appears on my lapel. "And this will let me know when you would return."

As I walk through the glowing portal I look back and see myself - still sleeping in bed.

"Salaam aleikum, Jean-Paul" A voice from the air.

I do not move. It is wasted when fighting spirits.

"Salaam aleikum, Efendim. What does the Janissary want from the Angel of Death?"

"Nothing. But from a friend of a friend - rather more. I have a task I may need your aid to complete ."

The wind whispers to me. I understand. And I smile.

"I will gladly do as you say. And - 'Caniniz sag olsun'.

"Dr. Leslie?"

I turn to see a rather handsome young man in a white medical jacket.

"I'm Dr. Olhan. This is my colleague Dr. Selma Tolon."

He gestures towards a similarly dressed young woman. Tall, tan, and truly beautiful.

We shake hands all around, as one does automatically, but I still don't understand.

" friend.. asked us to come by. We're going to handle the clinic for tonight. And you are going home to your family. The car is waiting.

A friend? She must see my confusion. She leans over and whispers in my ear "Kal-El". Oh, that sweet boy. But I couldn't. And I say so.

"No dear. You're very kind, but I couldn't take your Christmas."

"Please." She has the kind of smile that takes no prisoners. " Dr. Leslie, we're Moslem. And you're going."

Which is where it stands when Alfred comes and loads me into the car. So I guess I'm going. Feeling a little guilty, but.... Those two young people certainly seemed competent. And if Superman vouches for them, well; I guess the clinic folks are just lucky tonight.

"Coffee, Dick?"

"No thanks, Amy. That stuff should be impounded."

Three hours into watch, and the whole unit is sitting at Station South waiting out the worlds grumpiest tactical alert.

I'm considering hitting the machine for another Zesti when the Watch Officer comes in.

"Good new guys. We are standing down."

What? There is so much sudden talk that I doubt my own ears.

"Just got the call from BH North. Seems the whole Fachetti gang just got carried in. By a flock of doves."

"Yep. Little birdie doves. Lots of them. Don't know how, but it seems they pissed off one of the big-time meta's. Some Turkish chick. Miss January." He shakes his head. "Christ, where do they get these names."

"Whatever. The mooks are in and their singin' like canaries. So we are standing down, and if you don't got regular duty you can go on home."

That get a ragged round of cheers and high fives.

"Sargent Amy. Want a ride?"

On your bike? In this weather? I'll call my Dad. He and Mom will be staying up for me anyway tonight. But..You have another shirt? A clean one? If I dress here we can maybe make choir service."

It is cold. Who cares. Leave now and with luck I can be in Gotham before midnight.

Still not the End

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