Tarnation! Let's try that again:):)

Animal Instincts Sabretooth and Meltdown have a little "discussion" ... WARNING! Graphic!

Animal Life A happy Magneto story with a naked Magnus, someone other than Charles and a cat:)

Dancing Ashes Magnus, at last, finds an old "friend" he's been searching for for a long time ...

A Magneto Story By C. W. Blaine! A sort of companion piece to moi's "Dancing Ashes"!

Ecce Homo An odd crossover fic:):)

End Of The Line An Elsewhens tale of Magnus and various X-Folk in the Old West! Yippe Kai - Yea!

Father Figure What really happened between Magnus and his son Pietro during The Brootherhood Of Evil Mutants days? And how does it affect Joseph? WARNING! Here be slash and worse:(:(

Fathers Of The Atom Did you ever wonder what Professor X and Magneto would be like in a world without supoerpowered mutants? Step up and meet Charles Francis Xavier, psychologiest and Erik Lehnsherr, phyicist, the "Fathers Of The Atom" ...

How The Dragon Got His Fire! A Tale of Lockheed the brave little dragon and how he faced The nasty ol' Sabretooth! *snarf* Told in the style of Rudyard Kipling's "Just So Stories"!

Life Among The Ruins An X-Men Elseworlds Tale set "after The Bomb" in answer to a CFAN Challenge by Ryan!

Scars A Sequel to moi's story "Life Among The Ruins", wriiten by the inestimable Maverick! Check it out! OFFSITE LINK.

Magnetic Angel An X-Men/Touched By An Angel Crossover! Magnus has a visit from Andrew ... the Angel of Death!

The Music Lesson A sequel to Alara Rogers OTL Disability story, "Silence". A deafened Magnus gets help from an unlikely source!

Nightmares Charles and Magnus in the early days in Israel. COULD Charles have saved Magnus from madness?

The Red Queen's Race A Quicksilver/Multiple Man SillyFic:):) Just how fast IS Pietro?? *snicker*

Speaker Faor The Dead A tale of the death of Cyclops.

Sunshine And Violets Witness the breakup of Magnus' relationship with Lee Forester/

Praetor A tale of the Imperial Guard and its troubled leader.

Waiting For Jeanne The breakup of a couple that never were ... in the MU.

Waiting For Jean, Part Two A Sequel to "Waiting For Jeannie" from Scott's POV!

Waiting For Jean, Part Three A Sequel to "Waiting For Jeannie" from Jean's POV!

Yer In The Army Now! A SillyFic featuring Victor (Sabretooth) Creed, who is *almost* drafted into the Canadian Army!! Mercy!

Alles Ist Veruckt A Nightcrawler fic.

Plaza de Mal Muerte A Matador fic.

The Marvel Universe Woke Up Gay! Just like it says! Sillyfic.

Eight Second Hero TCP fic.

Dreams A story of Charles Xavier's childhood.

Golden Afternoon A jam fic by Carmen, 'rith, and Dannell. Jean/Scott/Warren.

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