Howdy Ya'll:):) And Welcome to the mother of all Filk Pages! Ah love filk, don't ya'll?? Now, Sugah, Ah can't sing a note or play worth a damn, but Ah can write these litle puppies at a furious pace!! WARNING! DANGER WILL ROBINSON, DANGER! Parody ahead! Ya'll *have* been warned! Take shelter immediately, Sugah! *snarf* Enjoy!

Magnus' Song For HYDRA: Remember Me?

The Acolytes Song!

National Mutanthood Week!

Sinister Advice

Wolverine's Rag

Magda, Aletys And Belle

Little Boy Lost


Whatever Became Of Joseph?

Be An X-Man!


Betsy's Song

LeadFingers Lites!

I Am Called The Lord Magnus

The Unilateral Force Lullaby

Mama's Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be X-Men!

Gambit's Song In Antarctica!

Hello Mr. Claremont!

The X-Men

Xavier's X-Men!


Contest winning Essay on Magnus' Costume!