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It's plumb fascinatin' to see the number of sites that have an interest in Magnus as a fashion victim (at least when it comes to his Battle Dress Uniform)! But, he *does* look good in a white Armani:):) If ya'll have a hankering for this mutant check out these great Sites...

Moi's Batman Page! Moi's tribute to the Dark Knight Of Gotham and his companions of the twilight!

The Comic Fan-Fiction Authors Network! The Site for comic Fan Ficcers of any kind! More links, fun, and useful info that ought to be legal!!

Rebecca Teed's Avalon Project The Site of a neat scientific-like mind! It's more than just mutants, ya'll! Check out her Homepage, too!

Alara's Magneto Page! Sugah, it don't get much better than this! Mercy:):) More Magneto than ya'll can shake a stick at! A great Site for fiction, FAQ's and other things Magneticas! Also links to some fine Xavier and Mystique Pages and other cool Sites. Not too bad for a dino *snarf*

Puma's It's like...she likes to draw. And she's powerful good at it, too!

Bianca's Ultimate Jean Grey Site! Ya'll will especially enjoy the superb artwork displayed on this Site! Beautiful stuff and LOTS of it!

Cyclops Domain! Cyke Rules the roost heah:):) LOTS of wonderful things to see and do! Fanfic! Galleries! Cyke Heaven!:):)

Jean's Place! Another outstanding Site for all things Jean Grey:):) Go! Enjoy:):)

Villains Of Marvel Lots of good background materials ya'll can use for your fiction and reserarch!

da's Scarlet Witch Homepage! So's ya'll can follow up on this disfunctional family:):) Hee! And Ya'll thought the *Summers* family was bad???

Shifting Sands X-Men Archive The Ultimate X-Men FanFic Archive! Visit today, ya'll:):)

X-Men Slash Central X-Folk Slash!

FanFiction.Net An Extension FanFic Archive Of All Kinds Of Fic!

The The Itty Bitty Archives X-Fic Specially For Logan And Cyke Fans! Kewl Stuff! No Scott Bashing In Sight! Yowza!

Children of the Atom A VERY graphic intensive X-Site! More pics and info than ya'll can shake a stick at!! Visit soon!

Dimira's Page of X-Stuff! A great and growing X-Site with a kewl Magneto Page! Visit soon!

Magnus Magneto Site A great and growing Magneto Page! Visit soon!

Offical Site of Sir Ian McKellen! An absolutly stunning Page with pics,, inside ifo about the movie and Sir Ian's thoughts on the role and the movie! As well as Sir Ian other roles! A MUST!


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