King Magneto Lullaby
The Unilateral Force Rag
By: Dannell Lites
To The Tune Of: The MFL Lullaby by Tom Lehrer

Sleep, Magnus sleep, in peace may you slumber,

No danger lurks your sleep to emcumber
You've got the power, peace will be bloomin'
But most of the fingers on the button will be human!

Why shouldn't you stop nuclear warheads?

Charlie says no but he's just a sorehead
He says a bygone should be a bygone
Let's make peace the way we did in Auschwitz, was that so wrong?

Once all the Russian were bigots and mean

But that couldn't happen again
You taught them a lesson with their submarine
And they've hardly bothered you since then

So, sleep well, good Magnus, the sandman can linger

What if the X-Men may give you the finger?
Heil - hail - the SS, I mean the FoH!
Hail to your loyal Cortez!
All your might
Will scare Creed, right?
I hope he is half as scared as I!

The End!