I Am Called The Lord Magnus
By: Dannell Lites
To The Tune Of: "The Invalids"

Oh, I been blessed with mutant genes; great power I've been dealt

And whether on or off the field , my presence will be felt!
One warning I would give to flats, please listen when I say:
Unless you also wield great power, best not get in my way!


For I am called the Lord Magnus
My power's very strong
And while my steel controls the field
Then I can do no wrong!

My ranks are filled with Acolytes, the rest are flatscan fodder

And as social graces, well, I seldom have to bother!
For in my coming Mutant Age, I'm royaty not servant
And if your powers strong enough who needs to be observant?


I'm proud of being murderous, the body counts alarming!

But when your will's as great as mine, why bother being charming?
If nations dare to criticise, well then they don't last long
I conquer them with dreadful ease and show the world they're wrong!


If some raises in the field to challenge my control

He doesn't bother me at all however brave or bold!
This hero will not remain a threat, I'm not afraid of him
For I will just change sides again then I'll be one of them!

The End