By: Dannell Lites
To The Tune Of: "Whatever Became Of Hubert?" by Tom Lehrer

Whatever became of Joseph?

Has anyone heard a thing?
Oh, for glory he longed
Now his memory's gone
So now he'll never be King

Once a fiery passionate spirit

But now when he fights he must clear it
Second rate is a hard role to play
When they won't even allow you to slay!

We must protest this treatment, Joseph

Says each comic book reader!
As he once said to Professor X:
"Charles, you are our leader!"

Whatever became of you Joseph?

We miss you so tell us please
Yes, you're buff! Are you tough?
Haven't you had enough
Of being treated like sleaze?

Does Joseph, recalling when he was Magnus

Say, "This cannot be just; after Rogue I do lust!"
Do you dream about staging a coup?
Oh, Joseph what happened to you?

The End!