Friend Or Foe! Moi's First Archived Joey FanFic! By: Rachel Ehrlich

Unfinished Sympathy The sequel to Friend or Foe! Joey and Jessica are back and hot on the trail of Adeline Wilson kidnappers!!

Somebody's Daughter The sequel to Unfinished Sympathy! Joey meets his half sister Rose!

No Quarter! The sequel to 'Somebody's Daughter! Joey and his half sister Rose must deal with their villainous uncle Wade!

On Silent Wings Joseph Wilson, the Titan Jericho, must face some hard truths. But he has help from his friends!

True Colors A Titans Elseworlds tale starring Dick, Roy, Joey, Raven, Garth, et al!

HaTikvah A sort of Batman/Titans/X-Men "Days Of Future Past AU!

The Voice A Tale of Nightwing and Jericho.

Whatever You Need Another Tale of Nightwing and Jericho. Co-Authored with Rachel Ehrlich

Red Rain A tale Jericho's student days. By Rachel Ehrlich!


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