Hello Mister Claremont
By: Dannell Lites
To The Tune Of: "Hello Mrs. Durkin"

Oh, X-Men was a comic made famous for its writing!

With characterization, with artwork John Bryne!
The fans all showed devotion with scathing hot emotion
The best thing of tham all was about Magnus we did learn


Well it's, hello Mr. Claremont
Your X-Men tales they did want
They needed to be human, they needed to be sane
Oh Logan he is crazy; Kitty she is phasey
They'll always be Uncanny, that's how they got their name!

Well Cyclops was the first one; for some os us the worst one

He quickly lead the X-Men; adventures the did share!
He trained to be fighters with reflexes like lightning
So in the process why can't he show them how much he cares?


Now Phoenix she had style; the first one in the Saga

She was practically human, the fans liked her a lot!
So lady-like in manner, but a demon when in battle
She was a hero's hero ... so, of course, you had her shot!


Well, Claremont can just move over, because I'm taking over!

My ire is growing larger and I've only just begun!
I've taken as my mission a kind of social fisson
To show the X-Men one and all that fighting can be fun!

The End!