The Batman!
By: Dannell Lites
Sung To The Tune Of: "Gitarzan" by Ray Stevens

He's tough as they come, he's surely not dumb,

He lives in a big cave, he's really quite brave;
And he swings as he please without a trapeze -
In his BVDs!

He's a Justice Leaguer and he's down right eager,

Give crooks a flat zero, gonna be a big hero!
Maybe he goes too far,
But, yeah, he's really got a great car!

He keeps Arkham filled with crooks and crazies,

Now the doctors there are dumb and lazy,
It's really nothin' short of amazy!
But me and the Comissioner agree
That one day soon he'll be, a celebrity!
Get'em, get'em, get'em, get'em, ooooo!

The Batman!

He's a Gotham man!
He's all you can stand,
I'll give him a hand, the Batman!

He's got a kid named Dick who's cute and quick,

Really good with a pun, but he loves danger and fun,
'Cause he just can't explain, puns drives him insane
When he sees Dick swing, he really does his thing
It's his claim to fame
Come one, Dickie!

(Dick: "Holy Twice-In-A-Row, Batman! Two Face is getting away!")

Well, they got a pet dawgie,

Who likes to wear a cape, catch crooks by their noogies!
And it's all real snoggie!
Come on....your turn, boy....catch one, dawgie!

(Ace, The Bathound: "Arf! Arf! GRRR!" Etc.) ...Let's hear it for the dawgie!

On Saturday night they need some excitement!

Dick gets right and the dawgie just might,
And their fists unite in the pale moonlight
POW! ZAP! CRASH! All right! Yeah, it's dynamite!
It's out of sight! Let's hear!

(Combined Bat Signals, bad puns and Arf Arfs)

The Batman!

He's a Gotham man!
He's all you can stand,
Give him a hand, the Batman!

The End!