Arkham Asylum Blues
By: DarkMark
Sung To The Tune of: "Folsom Prison Blues"'re not Johnny Cash!

(guitar intro)

I see the ol' Bat-Signal

A-shinin' in the sky
And I won't see the outside till the
Day that I die
I'm stuck out here in Arkham
That's where I've gotta be
Ever since the blasted Batman
Got both his hands on me!

When I was just a baby,

My momma told me, "Harv,
If you'll be a lawyer,
You'll never have to starve!"
But some crook hit me with acid
While I was on his case
And it left me kind of two-toned,
So they called me Two-Face.

Well, if I got out half as often

As that Joker from his cell
You'd bet I'd find a way to
Send the Batman down to hell
On the other hand I might not...
I've tried before and slipped.
And I'll say my two-faced coin ain't
The only thing that's flipped!

--from the 1968 album, "Johnny Cash At Arkham Asylum."