Gambit's Song In Antartica
By: Dannell Lites
To The Tune Of: "Plastic Jesus"

In dese chill Antacrtic breezes

Here I sit while ny ass freezes
In the vastness of dis continent!
I think I have caused de ruckus
I don't know 'bout all de fuss is
One little kiss and I will relent


Rogue, oh ma cher
Rogue, oh ma cher
Slogging through de snowy, frozen sleet
Oh, Rogue she must have said, "Who'll blame me?
In fact it's just a shame he
Can't be made to suffer from Hell's heat!"

Well, it's one bald homme and one southern lady

Jumpin' up and down and raisin' Hades
Knowin' all de secrets of my past!
De final thing dat knocked off dere socks
Hey, it must have been de Morlocks!>/center> Dey thought dat enough to abandon me!


Rogue, oh ma cher
Rogue, oh ma cher!
Years and friend may come and go
(May come aned go ...)
One trick Gambit he always favor is
Making sure his friends and neigbors is
Distinguished by t'ings dat dey don' know!

The End