title: yin and yang
fandom: Ouran High School Host Club
characters/pairings: Hikaru/Kaoru, Host Club
rating: G/Teen
warnings: incest
summary: Hitachi twins, through the seasons.
notes: for mulanreflection, for this request on fic on demand.


They took each other's mittens off, and rubbed their noses together to warm up. Their parents were never home at this time, and the servants had been ordered to give them space. They didn't like outsiders.

They went to the kitchen and collected mugs of hot cocoa (imported, of course), and chocolate chip cookie bars (also imported, from the best bakery in Paris). Kaoru carried the cookies and their bags, and Hikaru carried the cocoa, because he didn't want Kaoru to get burned. They sipped their hot cocoa on Hikaru's bed, their fingers touching over the latest designer bedspread, and when they were done, Hikaru licked the traces of cocoa from Kaoru's lips.

Kaoru had a wicked little giggle he pretended he didn't have when they weren't alone. It was one of the many reasons that Hikaru hated not being alone. He thought he was basically the same, no matter where they were, but Kaoru changed.

He pushed Kaoru down onto the bed, kissing him, tugging at his clothes. Kaoru was always giving, yielding, accepting. It made Hikaru want to push more.

Christmas was in four days. He and Kaoru had decided not to swap presents.

He still wanted to give Kaoru something good.


School was boring. At least they had joined the Host Club. The Lord was always good for some laughs. And. Well.

He was a good person.

Actually, they were all interesting people. And powerful. Kyouya-senpai had recruited them, and asked them to 'play' the incest angle for their club. That certainly wasn't hard. Mori-senpai and Honey-senpai were fun. It was nice to have friends.

Or pretend to have them.

It was also fun to have lots of girls fawning over them. Hikaru liked being popular, and playing games. He liked to make fun of people and have it seem like flirting.

He liked holding Kaoru in his arms, and have it be a good thing.


Kaoru was on the bed, his feet up in the air, reaching for his toes. Hikaru poked around the net. Their mother had asked them to give her some feedback on her new line.

He kept picturing Haruhi in all the clothes.

"Kao~ru. Is Haruhi cute?"

"Id~iot." Kaoru giggled. Hikaru had to smile, despite himself. "Can't you tell yourself?"

He looked over at Kaoru, chasing his own toes. That was cute. He left the computer, and crawled onto Kaoru's bed, sneaking in, and lifting up Kaoru's shirt, so he could kiss Kaoru's belly.

"I can't. You'll have to tell me."

Kaoru giggled some more, and let his legs fall down, digging his fingers into Hikaru's hair.

"She's cute."


Hikaru frowned. He didn't like it. His Lord and Haruhi, going off together like that... Even if His Lord was a bit of a twit, and would probably never get his head together to confess...

He started to follow them, but Kaoru caught his arm, holding him in place.

Hikaru frowned. "What? Are we giving up?"

"Just let them be," Kaoru said softly.

He was about to protest, but Kaoru put his hand on Hikaru's cheek, and leaned in, kissing him deeply. Hikaru's arms immediately wound around Kaoru. This was...

Kaoru never initiated kisses like this...

"It's ok, isn't it?" Kaoru asked, smiling. Hikaru nodded dumbly, not knowing what Kaoru was talking about for the first time ever. "She's cute, but... it's ok, like this, right?"

Hikaru smiled, and looked around. "Let's go to the infirmary!"

Kaoru laughed out loud.