title: Winter in Russia
fandom: Gundam Wing
characters/pairings: Zechs, Une, Treize mentioned
rating: G
warnings: post-series, Treize romanticism
summary: Time to reflect leads to nostalgia.
notes: for jo's request on fic on demand. um. it just hit me, apparently.



"Preventer Wind?"

The paper crinkled in his hand. He found he could not look up from this scrolling, sensuous script.

"I've had that letter for nineteen months now. He asked me to give it to you if I ever got a chance. I never once even held it to the light. ...Was it worth it?"

She would not understand, although she loved him better. Zechs lifted his chin with royal conviction, and stood before his superior. "Thank you."

Une regarded him coolly. She nodded curtly. "Dismissed, then, and don't let it go too long before checking in again."

The heel of his boots clicked sharply on the polished wooden floors as he walked away. Was this a memorial to a man who always put style over reason? It didn't matter.

His proud tears would fall to the ground, rather than to the lips of the man he loved, but not until he was alone.