title: When...
fandom: Trinity Blood
characters/pairings: Pope/Brother Petros
rating: G
warnings: kissing
summary: the Pope reflects.
notes: wow, my first trinity blood fic is pope/brother petros? *laughs* i need to rewatch the series before i can write radu/ion-ness. and i need to the see the end before i can write Abel/Cain-ness. purrrrrrrrrrr, ion/radu and abel/cain.... *coughs* anyway! the pope loves his brother petros...

When he wakes up in the middle of the night - and he always wakes up in the middle of the night - Brother Petros is there, wrapping his huge arms around the Pope's small body before the Pope can even whimper. The Pope turns his face to Brother Petros' chest, and sobs, sometimes uncontrollably, as Brother Petros rocks him back and forth. Never a word is spoken between them. It is understood that the Pope will be shaken by fears that do not deserve names, and that Brother Petros' mere presence is all that is required to send those fears away.

When everyone is making fun of him, or his sister is patting him on the head and telling him to be quiet, or his brother is yelling at him and ordering him around, he swallows down all his tears and his whimpers, until Brother Petros is there. When Brother Petros is with him, he can fall into Brother Petros' arms, and everything will be all right, eventually.

When he has to take a meal with the Cardinals, or with foreign dignitaries, or even with his siblings, he has to eat what they put before him and drink what is given to him, and he has to do everything perfectly and not make any unnecessary noises or spill anything or drop anything. When he has a 'free' meal, and it's just Brother Petros and himself, Brother Petros always asks him first what he wants to eat, and if he spills anything, Brother Petros calmly cleans it up.

When he touches Brother Petros' lips with his own for the first time, he can tell that Brother Petros is shocked, and he thinks that he has done something wrong. But Brother Petros' arms just get tighter around him, and when he kisses Brother Petros again, there's no hint of shock or fear in his eyes. Brother Petros tucks the Pope's head under his own, and holds him tightly, and it only occurs to the Pope later that it is a sin, but it doesn't matter, if Brother Petros doesn't reject him.

When Brother Petros puts his hand on the Pope's shoulder, he knows that everything is going to be all right. He looks over his shoulder at the tall, dark-haired woman. She's pretty, and he wants to talk to her more, maybe, but he would probably say the wrong things. It's better to let Brother Petros take care of things. He's strong and smart and he doesn't get afraid. That's better, definitely.

When Brother Petros puts his faith and his life in the Pope's hands, the Pope feels, for the first time, that there is something meaningful about his life other than the symbolism of his rank. He wants, more than anything, to be someone worthy of Brother Petros' love.