title: Wasabi
fandom: Prince of Tennis
characters/pairings: Tezuka/Fuji
rating: Teen
warnings: implied oral sex, fuji tormenting tezuka
summary: Tezuka's appreciation for spice is refined.
notes: for the atobe vs. tezuka week in iron_tennis. like there'd be any doubt which way i'd throw my vote... ^_~

It was a testament to the depth of his love for his partner that he had actually developed a taste for wasabi on toast. Of course, he always made sure that they had thick-sliced bakery bread, and that he spread the wasabi himself, so he could slather the toast first with a thick layer of butter.

This victory, however, only spurred Fuji onto greater achievements. It was his contention that there was nothing in the world that wouldn't taste better if 'spiced up' with a dab of wasabi. And of course, the best kind of wasabi was the kind that Tezuka wasn't expecting, so he found himself unwittingly consuming wasabi miso soup, wasabi steak, wasabi fried rice, wasabi ice cream... Anything Fuji could sneak a dab of wasabi into before Tezuka put it into his mouth.

Each time, Fuji cheerfully assured him that eventually, he would grow to love wasabi as Fuji did, but Tezuka was certain that it was only that he was losing more and more taste buds with each encounter.

Tezuka could bear it all. It made Fuji happy to spring wasabi on him, so it was just a hazard he had to navigate on the road to happiness.

If he thought of it like that, it was much easier to endure.

There were benefits as well, naturally.

For instance, there was this thing Fuji could do with his tongue... Tezuka could never analyze it, because as soon as Fuji's lips touched his cock, his brain promptly shut down all the logic centers so it could focus its attention on what the pleasure centers were talking about. But it was incredible. Tezuka felt it was definitely one of the more thrilling aspects of Fuji's seemingly endless array of talents.

It had never occurred to Tezuka to be suspicious of Fuji's grin, because Fuji was always wearing some sort of grin. It also had not occurred to him that he had not had any wasabi that day at all, or the day before, or the day before that. It wasn't an everyday occurrence, after all.

Still, it didn't take long for him to figure out that Fuji really meant that everything tasted better with wasabi.

As soon as Fuji's mouth enveloped him, he screamed, and he wanted to pull out, but Fuji had a good grip on him, and the position was just right.... and then Fuji did that with his tongue, and Tezuka's pain and pleasure centers shut down and sent him packing.

Gasping, he lay flat on his back. Fuji was smirking and licking his lips, a milky green substance foaming out at the corners of his mouth. Tezuka curled up into himself, unable to comprehend what had just been done to his poor organ. "Syuusuke!"

"What? It's better this way, isn't it? I've heard that it's better with peppermints, but this has to be way more intense, right?" Fuji smiled.

Tezuka was above whimpering. Or begging. And past the point where he could assign laps. Damn.

"Syuusuke. Are you sure you couldn't develop a taste for vanilla?"