title: Waking Up
fandom: Hunter x Hunter
characters/pairings: Kurapika/Leorio
rating: G
warnings: schmoopyness
summary: Kurapika wakes up.
notes: spoilers for the end of the first ova, and series. also, haven't seen either of the other ovas yet, so.

He was warm. Safe. He could hear something, something comforting. He wanted to open his eyes, but... He was content. He couldn't remember... anything. Where was he?

A cool, soothing cloth was rubbed over his forehead. There was something about the hand, about the presence over him... He cracked his eyes open.

"Well, well, there you are." The face wasn't quite clear. He knew this voice. "You scared us."

He was a man, with dark, messy hair. He was smiling... It was nice. He knew him.

The man shook his head. "What happened to you, Kurapika?" Long fingers brushed through his hair.

His cheeks flushed. "Leorio." His voice was cracked. He remembered now... Leorio, Gon... Killua. The leader of the Spider. That woman. She was... she was dead. He knew that. How did he... The clink of a chain. Of course. They all knew, now. He was putting everyone in danger, again. He tried to sit up, to throw off the blanket. "The Spider...!"

Leorio pushed him down. "Oy, oy, hold up there! You aren't going anywhere, Kurapika! Jeez... Just relax, ok? You can't do anything about the Spider now. Just... just relax, ok?" Leorio's hand was stroking over his cheek, a gesture that was almost loving, so tender... "When was the last time you ate, anyway? Damn it, Kurapika, I don't remember you being so pig headed."

Kurapika tried to think about it, but it just gave him a headache. All right, it probably had been a long time since he had eaten anything. Or slept. He hadn't had time. He still didn't. They would be looking for him, for all of them, now... Kurapika moved under the blanket, feeling somewhat shy because of the way that Leorio was looking at him... and then he became aware that he was naked.

He grabbed the sheet and blanket, pulled it up under his chin, and bucked back as far away from Leorio that he could. "Gah!! Leorio... why am I naked?!"

Leorio blushed, and waved his arms around, hapless. "Hey, hey, it's not what you think! I wasn't being perverse. Honest! It was just... you fainted, and... your clothes, they seemed really confining and hot, and..."

Leorio's face was bright red. Kurapika tested himself under the covers. At least he still had his underwear on. And it was just him and Leorio. That... wasn't so bad, right? A foggy memory played behind his eyes, them on that ship, near the island... Leorio in the shower for at least an hour, the steam from the shower pouring out under the door, Leorio's voice, as he moaned... and Kurapika was sure he'd heard his name as Leorio's moans got more intense...

Kurapika wasn't naïve. He had urges of his own. But... there were always more important things to be doing. Now he felt young and foolish, and... vulnerable. Reflexively, the chains appeared around his fingers, sinking into his flesh, despite the fact that they were useless.

He lowered his head.

Leorio scratched the back of his head, embarrassed. "Ahhh, look, you're... you're clearly dehydrated, and undernourished. And just plain exhausted. Here, I got you some juice..." He picked up the glass next to the bed, and held it out for Kurapika, keeping his eyes on the blanket. "Drink, ok?"

Kurapika reached out with shaking hands, and took the glass, but he couldn't hold it on his own. Leorio steadied him, and helped him drink. He slowly lifted his eyes to meet Leorio's gaze, and then promptly felt light-headed. He turned away. "Paduoka is dead. She told them. Everything."

"Are you sure? What am I saying...? Of course you are. Well, we'll worry about that tomorrow. Tonight, you just need to rest. Trust us, ok?" Leorio smiled as brightly as he could.

Kurapika squeezed his eyes shut. "You shouldn't have come for me, Leorio. I've put you all in danger, selfishly."

Leorio brushed his hand across Kurapika's cheek. "We're your friends, you stubborn fool. We'd rather be here with you, in danger, than leave you to face it alone."

Kurapika shuddered, and lowered his head, until his forehead was almost resting on Leorio's chest. "I wanted to be strong enough..."

Leorio put his hands on the back of Kurapika's neck, gently. "Seems to me you've gotten pretty damned strong, in a short period of time. I've missed you, you know. Every day. I missed you so much... But. I guess you haven't really thought about me much, huh?" Leorio chuckled softly. "Still. You really scared me, the way you've been. Just... I know I'm not really strong anymore, I know that you've all surpassed me... But... Let me be by your side, Kurapika. Please. I can't... I can't watch someone else... that I love... die... without be able to do anything..."

"Leorio...!" Kurapika felt his throat get tight, dry. He lifted his hands to grab a hold of Leorio's jacket.

Leorio lifted Kurapika's chin with his forefinger, and just brushed his lips over Kurapika's. "Let me stay by your side, Kurapika."

Kurapika let his eyes close, let the blanket and sheet fall to his waist. "Please, Leorio. I... don't want to be alone anymore."

Leorio pulled Kurapika into his arms, too tight, really, but Kurapika wasn't complaining. "Not alone," Leorio assured, roughly.

Kurapika rested his head on Leorio's chest. "I've killed two people, you know."

"Hey, no one's perfect," Leorio smiled, smoothing Kurapika's hair.

Kurapika clung to Leorio. He would decide tomorrow what he needed to still do. He would figure out tomorrow how to fix all his mistakes, and complete his pledge.

Tonight, he would just be with Leorio. It was all right, since it was Leorio.