title: Waiting for the Rain
fandom: Saiyuki
characters/pairings: Sanzo/Hakkai
rating: Teen
warnings: hand job
summary: Hakkai and Sanzo wait out the rain in the jeep.
notes: for lethy, on fic_on_demand. whee! also... should take place during ep... nope, too lazy to look it up. it's based on an ep, but it's not that important. they are in a forest, it's raining, they are waiting for Gojyo and Goku to come back.

The rain started slowly, just a few small droplets. Hakuryu mewed meekly a few times, and then went to sleep. He never liked the rain. Hakkai stroked the dashboard lightly. They should all seek shelter, but Sanzo was just sitting there with his arms folded across his chest, and Gojyo and Goku were still off looking for food, so there was nothing Hakkai could do.

It was chilly. Hakkai dipped his head back, and let the rain wash over his face, dampening his hair. He closed his eyes, and smiled. It was peaceful, to sit here like this, the rain washing over them the only accompaniment to the evening. Sanzo's presence at his side was... solid. Like resting against a mighty oak.

"Do I really look that feminine?"

He really didn't care what the answer was, nor did he expect Sanzo to answer. It didn't really bother him when people teased him about his 'prettiness' or his effeminate appearance. He just wasn't that concerned with what others thought. He knew what Gojyo thought of him, and Goku. They were like... some sort of family, at least in the sense of sharing a bond that couldn't be broken. And Sanzo, in all his reticent glory, was their 'father' figure.

Hakkai laughed, leaving his mouth open to let cold drops of water splash over his tongue. "I don't think I'm that much more 'feminine' than you or Gojyo. Perhaps I should start wearing my shirt open, so no one can question my gender."

There was a pleasant stillness to the moment. He loved Gojyo and Goku, and their constant banter, but this was nice. Maybe he was the mom in their little family. A little 'parents only' time was necessary for sanity. He laughed again, raising his arm to cover his eyes.

Maybe he was supposed to be a woman.

A hand roughly opened his pants, and pulled the fabric of his shirt up. He jerked up, protesting weakly as Sanzo shoved his hands down his pants, and grabbed his cock.

"Hrm." Sanzo grunted. "You feel pretty masculine to me."

"Sa-Sanzo!" Hakkai started, his cheeks flaming brightly. He gripped his seat tightly enough to stir Hakuryu, but he couldn't force his fingers to slacken. Sanzo's hand was firm and unrelenting, and a big part of him didn't want Sanzo to let go.

Sanzo stared at Hakkai, his gaze piercingly biting. "The seat goes back, doesn't it?"

"Sa-Sanzo..." Hakkai fumbled, finding the lever to push the seat back haltingly. It grunted as it shifted back, as if Hakuryu was objecting. Perhaps he was. Hakkai couldn't think clearly enough to consider the possibility. He waited for Sanzo to instruct him.

He couldn't see Sanzo's face as the other man grunted with satisfaction. "Let's see how feminine you are, hm, Hakkai? Lift your hips."

For a dizzy moment, Hakkai thought Sanzo might just rip his pants off and fuck him right there, Sanzo's robes swirling around them, the Maten Scriptures brushing over him, back and forth, as Sanzo... But no, Sanzo just yanked his pants down far enough to free Hakkai's stiffening cock. Sanzo's hand stroked back and forth, the fabric from Sanzo's sleeve teasing his balls.

"Well, Hakkai? Show me. Show me your feminine side."

His hand fit over Sanzo's, guiding the rhythm of the stroking to match the pounding his heart. He shut his eyes tightly, not feeling the rain on his face, or the chill in his skin, but only those ten fingers, his and Sanzo's, intertwined as they moved over his cock. He rocked his hips back and forth, increasing the pressure.

For a brief second before he came, he saw Kanan's eyes floating before him, dancing with amusement.

He was breathing deeply. He opened his eyes, and saw the rain falling down on him, nothing but shadows and clouds above him.

"Hm," Sanzo snorted. "Seem manly enough to me."

Sanzo could have been licking his fingers clean. Hakkai wasn't sure, and he didn't want to know for sure. Wasn't certain at all which option was better.

He was smiling. He realized that. He was smiling, and he wasn't trying. It was almost funny.

Sanzo grabbed the front of his shirt, and hauled him up for a rough, wet kiss. He smirked at Hakkai, a dangerous glint in his eyes.

"You do taste a little like a girl, though."