title: Vacancy
fandom: Tales of Symphonia
characters/pairings: Kratos/Anna
rating: G
warnings: nightmare
summary: Kratos dreams.
notes: for kneazles, for this request on fic on demand.

The baby was crying. He couldn't find the baby's room, though. It wasn't where it was supposed to be. He kept calling for Anna, but the house was empty. Everything was empty. It was so quiet, except for the baby's cries. He searched room after room, but he couldn't find the baby. Where was he?

He passed through a hallway, and he could see the baby's room, but it was so far away, and the hallway kept getting narrower and narrower, and the stench of rotted flesh was getting unbearable. Lloyd had been crying now for so long... Kratos was worried about him. He called for Anna again and again but she wasn't answering, and the baby was crying more and more...

He put his hand on the doorknob of the baby's room, but he couldn't turn it. His hands were too wet, though he didn't remember them getting wet. They were covered in blood. He kicked the door in, scared.

It was normal. The sun was shining. The mobile above the bed was spinning, catching the light. He wiped his hands on his pants furiously, and went to pick the baby up. He cooed softly, assuring Lloyd that it would be all right. Lloyd seemed pacified by the sound of his voice, but he didn't turn to face Kratos. He picked up his child and turned him.

Lloyd had no eyes, no nose, and his lips were sewed shut.

Kratos dropped his son, and stepped back, and tripped over some bones. He looked up, and Anna's clothes were draped over a skeleton, still dripping with blood. The head turned to face him, and Anna's voice pleaded, "Kratos, why did you do this to us? I loved you."

Kratos' head shot up from his desk.

He hated to fall asleep.

He got up, and started to walk around. Derris-Kharlan was cold, aesthetic, and empty, even compared to his life on the run with Anna and Lloyd. But they were gone. Everything was gone. And no matter how pointless it was, he kept existing.

Perhaps he should feel grateful to Mithos for giving him purpose, but he didn't want one.

Normally, he would avoid the halls that Mithos prowled, especially at these times. But he was too numb. It didn't matter, after all.

Mithos greeted him with a big smile. Mithos was always smiling these days. He had a chore for Kratos. A Mistake-Chosen who needed sword training. He nodded, but he didn't really listen.

The good thing about his dream was hearing Anna's voice. Maybe it was worth it, just for that.

It was all he had left.