title: Used to dream
fandom: Loveless
characters/pairings: Kio/Soubi
rating: Teen
warnings: sexual fantasies
summary: Kio dreams of Soubi
notes: for tsunade115, for this request for fic on demand. purr.

Kio used to dream of doing naughty, dirty things to Soubi's beautiful body. Of having those long, elegant legs wrapped around his waist, and running his hands up Soubi's bare chest. He dreamed of bending over for Soubi, and having Soubi's fingernails digging into his flesh. He dreamed of clinging to Soubi's hair while screaming out his name as they came together.

After they had sex, Kio dreamed of kissing Soubi. Of sitting on the couch, lounging on top of Soubi's body, entangled in Soubi's limbs, delicately nibbling on Soubi's lips, and licking Soubi's teeth. He dreamed of quick, stolen kisses between classes, and deep, beautiful kisses that made his knees turn to water.

He cajoled and whined, and won kisses from Soubi. After that, he dreamed of being able to hold onto Soubi, just hug him, or hold his hand whenever he wanted. He wanted spontaneous displays of affection, or just intimate moments of being with each other.

After Ritsuka came into the scene, Kio dreamed only of having Soubi look at him, really look at him.