title: Until Sunset
fandom: Prince of Tennis
characters/pairings: Tezuka/Fuji/Saeki
rating: Teen
warnings: nudity, sexual spanking
summary: Tezuka and Fuji surprise Saeki for his birthday.
notes: hey, it's sae-san's birthday, right? ^_~ apologies for the unoriginal title... and thanks to hikaaki for the assist with some info. oh, and pretending they are in high school...

The sun was already high in the sky, and there was almost no one on the beach. Not too surprising, really, for this hour. On his birthday, Saeki was always allowed to surf in the morning, until he was ready to come in; if he was late for school, he was late. One of the small luxuries afforded to him thanks to his laid-back parents. He unzipped his wet suit, ignoring the chill in the air, and ran his fingers through his hair. It wasn't a long walk back home, which was good, because his board and his gear weren't light, but it was good exercise. He had gotten out of laps in tennis practice because he walked to and from the beach, when Oji was in a good mood.

He had been a tiny bit disappointed that Fuji hadn't called him before he left for the beach this morning, but he assumed that maybe Fuji had wanted to wait until lunch, so he and Tezuka could both call him at the same time. It was just... it had been a tradition, for as long as he'd known Fuji. Fuji always called just after he woke up on his birthday. Time was, he'd hand off the phone to a sleepy Yuuta. It would be good to hear from both Tezuka and Fuji, whenever they called, but still...

He'd missed Fuji's call.

As he approached the house, he was surprised to see someone on the front porch, leaning casually against the railing. He knew his parents were both at work, and his sister shouldn't be at the house at this time... He nearly dropped his board when he realized who it was.

"Happy birthday, Kojirou." Fuji smiled, his eyes shut as they faced the sun, his hand up to filter the bright light through his fine, strong fingers.

Saeki grinned, a feral expression. "Syuusuke. Are you playing hooky? What would your captain think?"

"Ask him," Fuji shrugged, smiling sweetly.

Tezuka stepped out from the shadows, closer to the house, and nodded solemnly at Saeki. "Happy birthday."

Saeki dropped his board on the front lawn. "No way you are convincing me that you got him to cut school. Be straight with me here, what's going on?"

"Straight?" Fuji asked innocently. "I wouldn't think you would want us to do that. Don't tell me you aren't happy to see us, Kojirou? And we were hoping you would spend the day with us..."

Saeki laughed, deep in his chest, and approached the porch. "You want me to cut school? And tennis practice? To hang out with my delinquent friends?"

"We are scouting locations for our class trip in the winter," Tezuka informed passively. "You could help us."

"Scouting locations?" Saeki laughed. "Your teachers actually bought that?"

"He's Tezuka." Fuji smiled, rocking back and forth on his heels. "Of course they believed him. Your teachers believed him, too." Fuji winked at Saeki. "So you have a free day."

Saeki looked from Fuji to Tezuka, dumbfounded. "Really?"

Tezuka took another step forward, putting his hand on the small of Fuji's back. "Really. Happy birthday."

"Awesome!" This had quickly gone from being a somewhat less than exciting birthday to being one of his best. "So, where shall we go, young hooligans that we are?"

Tezuka licked his lips slowly, looking down the bare expanse of Saeki's chest, still wet from the ocean. "Do we have to... go anywhere? There's no one home, right?"

Saeki chuckled, brushing the back of his hand over his chest. "You're not suggesting you want to scout out my bedroom for your class trip."

Tezuka shrugged, his eyes on the spot where Saeki's abdomen ended, and his wetsuit began, the suggestion of something more desirable just barely out of reach. "We can dump the class at the beach. We'd like to scout out your bedroom for our own use."

"Damn, Kunimitsu, you are one horny bastard, aren't you?" Saeki laughed, purring in his chest. He walked forward in what he hoped was a suggestive manner.

"He is," Fuji sighed, happily, throwing his arms around Tezuka's waist. "That's why we love him."

"Sure as hell is," Saeki agreed, grabbing onto the front of Tezuka's too-proper shirt, pulling him down into a kiss that he wasn't surprised they shared with Fuji. "Let's get inside before we shock the neighbors."

Fuji and Tezuka half turned together to head for the door, Fuji putting an arm around Saeki's shoulder, and Tezuka put a hand down Saeki's pants.

Fuji kissed Saeki's cheek. "Sorry I missed calling you this morning, Kojirou. We were going through a tunnel at the time."

"It's ok," he reassured Fuji.

"Still." Fuji sighed. "It was tradition."

Saeki put his arms around the waists of his lovers. "'Sokay. New traditions are good, too."

He kicked his bedroom door closed, and leaned back against it, the wood bleeding coolness into his skin. "How long can you stay?"

Fuji sighed, and Tezuka answered. "Our train leaves around sunset."

Saeki smirked, and pushed his wetsuit down. "More than enough time."

Fuji sat down on the bed, and smiled appreciatively. "Why, it sounds like the birthday boy has a plan. But has he gotten his birthday spanking yet?"

Saeki turned around, and stuck his ass out. "Go for it."

Tezuka came up behind him, and ran his hand over Saeki's smooth skin. The first slap was almost totally unexpected, because Tezuka was nibbling on Saeki's ear at the time. Fuji helpfully counted off, though, and by the time he got to 18, they had established a nice rhythm. Fuji then got up, and slapped Saeki's pinked cheeks hard enough to make the birthday boy groan. He bit down hard on Saeki's neck, and growled, "And one to grow on."

"Fuck, gods, are you two ever going to get naked?!" Saeki pleaded.

Fuji chuckled, and stepped back slowly. "Don't worry, Kojirou. As you said... more than enough time."

Saeki pressed his forehead against the door, needing the relief from the fever than was pounding through his veins. This was definitely the best birthday ever.