title: unraveled
fandom: Gravitation
characters/pairings: Eiri/Tohma, Eiri/Shuichi, vague Hiro/Shuichi
rating: G
warnings: none
summary: Shuichi is shattered.
notes: for Bry, for his request on fic on demand.

Wine glasses on the coffee table. But Eiri didn't drink wine, not alone. He didn't like it. Did he? Shuichi didn't think so. He sat on the couch and waited. They had seen him. Tohma had laughed. He should leave. He knew that. He picked up a glass and smelled it, bucking back at the heady stench of a red wine.

He should throw this glass across the room. That's what he did, wasn't it? He overreacted. He cried. He threw tantrums.

If he wasn't so empty, so weak, maybe he would.

Footsteps. They didn't seem to be in a hurry. Tohma waved to Shuichi cheerfully, he said something, he was leaving. He kissed Eiri's cheek.

Shuichi was sure he was going to be sick.

Eiri went to the kitchen to get a beer. His black jeans were unbuttoned, and his shirt was open. He smelled... Shuichi shut his eyes tightly and put his head on his hands.

"Well?" Eiri sat down, not next to Shuichi, not far away. "Aren't you going to say anything?"

But wasn't it Eiri who should say something? Shuichi felt ill, like he really might throw up right there.

Eiri sighed, annoyed. "It was nothing. You don't own me. He was just pestering me. It was easier. Don't worry, it doesn't change anything."

If he could get up, he would run away. If he could move his arms, or his legs, he'd do something. He'd get out of here. He'd empty his stomach. He'd cry. He'd fall asleep. He was frozen, completely frozen.

Pestering? Is that what Shuichi did to Eiri? Was that... all it took? Did Eiri kiss the insides of Tohma's thighs? Did he grunt when he pulled out? Did he grab Tohma by the upper arms when he started to really pound into him? Did he kiss Tohma after he came like Tohma was his lifeline, his support? Did he touch Tohma's chest, tracing a line down the middle, when he started to get really excited? Did he hold Tohma in his arms and call him cute?

Bile surged up his throat, but he just swallowed it. He didn't have the strength for this. He wanted to be unconscious, numb. This hurt too much. Why? He knew Eiri wasn't faithful. Why did this feel like a betrayal?

Eiri stood up, annoyed. "You're boring me. Throw a tantrum at least. Aren't you supposed to be in love with me? Idiot."

He heard Eiri walk away. He loved to sleep in Eiri's arms, his body tingling and lax. Tohma missed the best part. If he'd stayed out, would Tohma have spent the night?

Everything hurt. Eiri shut the door to his bedroom.

He didn't even have the strength to cry.

He sat down with his back to Hiro's door. He'd stayed on the couch all night, and then Eiri had thrown him out. If you aren't going to say anything, then get out of my way. Sure. He could do that.

He took a cab here, and spent all the money in his wallet paying for it. He couldn't walk. It had taken him fifteen minutes to get up to Hiro's door. He didn't bother knocking. He knew Hiro was at NG.

He pulled his cell phone out, and flipped it open. Hiro was his number one speed dial. Always number one. Hiro never betrayed him.

It rang three times, and then Hiro picked it up. He was laughing. "Shu, that's you, right? Get your ass in here! We're waiting!"

"Hiro..." His voice was scratchy and weak. Even his voice, now. "Come home. I need you."

"Shu?" Hiro's voice changed instantly. "Shu, are you all right?"

"Come home," Shuichi begged, and hung up. He closed his eyes, and pressed his cheek against the door. He couldn't make it stop. Why? Why did this hurt so much? Was this love? It was better before.

He didn't know how long it took Hiro. It felt like it was forever, but Hiro was panting and sweating. He'd probably gone as fast as he could. "Shuichi! Shu, what's wrong?"

Shuichi blinked up at Hiro. "Hurts."

"Where?" Hiro asked, kneeling down to check Shuichi for wounds.

"Everywhere. Hiro. Make it stop." He leaned toward Hiro, and the tears were starting, but it wasn't like normal. These tears were just falling out of his eyes.

"Shuichi, I'm really worried. What gives?" Hiro put his hand on Shuichi's face, and brushed aside the tears.

Shuichi sighed. "Sorry. Yuki. And Tohma. Can't. It hurts, Hiro. Make it stop." Hiro could. He had no idea how, but if he knew how, he'd make it stop himself. Hiro would help.

Hiro sucked in the air, and then sighed. He picked Shuichi up carefully, and jostled him around a bit as he opened the door. He carried Shuichi in, and set him down on the messy bed, which still smelled like Hiro, so much like Hiro.

Shuichi shut his eyes tightly, and buried his face in the smell of his best friend, who never hurt him, not once. Hiro stroked his hair softly, and whispered, "Don't worry, I'll take care of you. It'll be ok. I'm here for you, Shu."

Shuichi let himself get comfortable, but he left out his cell phone, just in case Eiri called.