title: Twisted
fandom: Prince of Tennis
characters/pairings: Yuushi/Gakuto
rating: Teen
warnings: drinking, kissing
summary: Hyotei has a new D1 team.
notes: for my darling Bryan, for fic on demand. *snugs* ...slightly out of sync with canon, i think...

"We're going to be doubles one!!" Gakuto bounced around Yuushi, laughing. "Doubles one! Doubles! ONE!"

Yuushi sighed indulgently. "Yes, Gakuto, doubles one. What did you think would happen? Between my genius, and your acrobatics, it's the only logical choice."

Gakuto frowned up at Yuushi. His partner lacked excitement. It was irritating. "Come on, Yuushi! We're at Hyotei, one of the most premier schools for tennis in the country, possibly the world. And we just became regulars!!!! That's, you know, completely huge!"

Yuushi smiled, looking just a wee bit like an adult smiling down at an overly active child. "It is. But what else would they do? We are the best, are we not?"

"We so totally are! We should celebrate, or something. What do you think? You think ore-sama or Shishido would want to go out?" Gakuto bounced back and forth on his heels as he grinned.

Yuushi frowned softly. It wasn't that he didn't like his fellow teammates, but of all of them, the only one he wanted to spend any time with was Gakuto. There was something about the small little fireball that Yuushi enjoyed. The rest of the team was... competition. "I have a better idea. Let's go back to my house. My parents will be working until past midnight, and my sister is out of town."

Gakuto actually stopped moving for a moment. "Your house? Alone?"

"Of course," Yuushi replied archly. "You aren't afraid to be alone with me, are you?"

"You wish, Yuushi," Gakuto scoffed, pulling his confidence up like a collar. "Let's go!"

Gakuto was beginning to think that his doubles partner was evil. No, wait, that wasn't right. He'd already known that his doubles partner was evil. What was he starting to think? Oh, right, that he shouldn't drink so much on an empty stomach. Or on a full stomach. Or ever.

"You are such a lightweight."

Yuushi was poking him in the side, and that wasn't so bad, because he was speaking really slowly, so apparently the 'genius' had had way too much to drink as well. That was ok.

Gakuto rolled over onto his side, and glared at Yuushi. "You're tryinnn to get me drunk so I'll take off my clothes, aren't you?"

It was the most logical thing he could think of to say.

Yuushi laughed, or gurgled. Same thing. "I see you naked all the time, Gakuto. We shower together every afternoon."

"You look! Damn! I thought we couldn't look!"

Yuushi was laughing for sure, now, and it was a really funny sound, so Gakuto started to laugh, too. "Of course I look! Because no one else is looking! It's easy!"

"Damn!" Gakuto whined. "Well, tell me... who has the biggest thing?"

"'Thing'?" Yuushi sneered, out of habit. "Well, it's not like I can take measurements... Atobe is fairly big. So is Shishido. Ohtori is surprisingly large, given his disposition."

"What about me?!" Gakuto whined. "Didn't you ever look at me?"

Yuushi grinned, and Yuushi was really pretty when he was grinning, like his eyes crinkled up and stuff. "'Course I looked at you. Look at you every chance I get. But you're small. Tiny, even."

"Hey!!" Gakuto stood up on the bed and glared at Yuushi, who was all blurred and spinning. "Take that back! I'm not tiny, damn it!"

Grabbing Gakuto by the waist, Yuushi pulled him off the bed and into his lap. "You are tiny, baby, but you are bendy, and that's sexy."

"Oh!" Gakuto didn't have time for a more sensible response, because then Yuushi was kissing him, and it was sloppy and kind of gross, but it was Yuushi, so it was pretty hot, too.

Yuushi ran his hands over Gakuto's face. "You're really sexy, Gaki-chan."

Gakuto smiled. And then he thought. And then he glared. "What did you just call me!? Yuushi, you are dead!"

Yuushi sighed, and let Gakuto squirm out of his arms. Gakuto started to sputter and yell, and Yuushi just smirked.

They had such delightful chemistry.