title: trick Photography
fandom: Prince of Tennis
characters/pairings: Tezuka/Fuji, Yumiko, OFC
rating: Teen
warnings: stalking, suicide
summary: Fuji has an admirer he doesn't want.
notes: for my darling peta-chan, from the prompt "stalker." at first, it was going to be a gundam wing fic (too long), then it was going to be a tennis fan stalking tezzie (too cliché), and finally, this...


I've never written a fan letter before. I feel pretty silly, writing to an artist like you as a fan, but I just can't keep silent any longer. I love your art so much. I have every issue of every magazine you've done a spread for. I also have the ads you've done. I wanted to go to your show in Los Angeles, but I couldn't get the time off of work. I've quit that job, though, so hopefully, I can go to your next show. I've read that you want to spend more time in Japan, so I'll probably try to come to Tokyo.

I'm getting ahead of myself though! How embarrassing... Anyway, your recent set of pictures for Aperture have really changed my life. That's such a terribly silly-sounding thing to say, but it's true. I just can't stop staring at your pictures. It feels like I can feel your eye on me, as I look at the picture, like you're there, behind the paper, watching me watch the world you created. I'm completely humbled. I'm in awe.

I wanted to be a photographer when I was little, but a lot of things happened since then. My stepfather broke my camera one day, he took it away from me, and it was on a camera strap, and he started beating me with it. I was too afraid to even look at a camera since then, but I've always loved photography. It's just... in my soul!

I swear to God, one of your photographs is something I've dreamed of ALL my life! It's like you took a picture of my soul. I know I sound childish, but it's true. I feel so connected to you, like we share something. We're bonded by this art.

I'd give anything to meet you, Fuji-sama.

Anyway, you must be tired of reading all of this by now! I just wanted you to know, your work has really touched my heart and soul.

Thank you!

"So, what's all this again?" he yawned, poking the thick canvas bag with his toe. It seemed like something Tezuka had in his apartment, not like something Fuji would get.

"It's fan mail," Mika answered with a smirk. "What, you only thought tennis stars got it? You've gotten international exposure. This is what comes of it."

"Really?" He smiled a bit, bending over to pick up one envelope from the bag. It was from the United States, and it was written on soft pink stationary. He opened it roughly, and looked over the first few lines. He got bored quickly, though, and he dropped the letter. "I guess anyone who writes fan letters to photographers is pretty much nuts, huh?"

"Don't be cruel to your fans," she chided him, laughing despite herself. "They buy the magazines that you get published in, and go to shows you put on, so you get to have more magazine spreads and shows." She winked at him, and hefted the big back up. "Anyway, don't worry. We're hiring someone to take care of this. See, this is why I said you needed a publicist."

"Tezuka has one," he said vaguely, sitting down on the couch. He was still a bit jet lagged. Paris to Singapore to Tokyo... all long flights. He didn't really care about the mail, or anything else his agent had in mind. "Speaking of which..."

"I know, I know, you have reservations. Don't worry, I won't make you late. I've got a car coming for you at six. If you'll just sign these contracts, I'll get your bath started, and I'll be out of your way for the weekend." She winked at him, laying out some legal papers on the low table in front of him.

He smiled. "You're a lifesaver, Mika."

"I know," she shrugged.


Guess what? I did manage to get to Tokyo! I was so excited, because I arrived just in time for you new show! I tried to get in on opening night, but it was invitation only. I did get as far as the backroom, and I hope you'll forgive me, but I took a few souvenirs, but I knew you wouldn't mind, because you were once just a bright-eyed newcomer as well.

I got to see your show the third night, and it was a million times more incredible in person than I could ever have imagined! I was so breathless, I cried before several of them. I was really a wreck, but it's been such an emotional week. I tried to leave some roses for you, but I don't know if they got through to you. Hopefully, they did!

Being in the place where you work, being in front of the actual photographs that you took, that you touched and developed and slaved over to create the exact right effect, I was just utterly... utterly breathless! The connection I've felt was so strong, I felt like you were there in the room with me, touching me in private places, making me feel. I can't even explain it! It was just incredible. I wonder if you can feel my presence in the room now? Somehow, I feel like you must. Like you must know that a kindred soul, that someone who is a part of you, someone who carries a part of your soul in her, that she was there.

I believe that.

Thank you so much for your amazing talent and art. I look forward to more!

He dropped a few empty containers of chemicals in the special recycling. "Mika, could you make a note that we need more developing solution."

"Eh?" She looked up from the proofs she was going over. "But I thought we had plenty until after the New York trip."

Fuji laughed and shrugged. "Whoops? I spilled too much into the bin. But, on the plus side, it appears as if it's had a nice effect."

"You have the best luck," she sighed. "In fact, I think all of your 'art' is just an accident."

"Not all of it," Fuji smiled. "Everything is set for New York, right?"

"Yes, for the fifteenth time," she winked at him. "And you're right, it's not all luck.

"There are times when you can be passionate. That's when you're really scary."


Ah, I'm so disappointed! I just got to Tokyo, and now you're going to New York! So unlucky!

But, Fuji-san, I'm worried. I heard that you were going to New York to cover the U.S. Open. The person who told me this said that you used to play tennis, and you were really amazing. He told me that one of your classmates from when you were young was one of the top players in the world, so that was probably why you were going to New York.

Fuji-san, I can't help but feel that while this is admirable, this could be potentially very destructive to your career! No one remembers the names of sports photographers. It's just no way to solidify yourself as an artist!

If this friend of yours has led you to believe that this is a simple diversion, then, well, I won't speculate on his motives, but I can assure you, you can do better things in your free time! And if you chose to do this on your own because of your love for tennis or whatever, well then, I hope you don't mind me telling you that you're doing yourself a disservice. I feel that I can share this with you, because of our bond. I know you'll listen to me, and really hear how sincere I am in my concern for your welfare as an artist.

The truth is, Fuji-san, I'm in love with you, and I just know, that when we meet, you're going to feel the same way I do. It's like the other half of my soul is in your art. I know we have this bond.

So, please, reconsider your plans. I have such faith in you as an artist.

Love you.

Tezuka groaned, covering his face. "Syuusuke, don't tell me you're taking pictures of me in bed."

Fuji laughed, continuing to snap photos. "'Mitsu, don't be so stingy! This is for art, after all. You're stifling my creativity."

"You're photographing me with bed head for your own lurid pleasure," Tezuka grumbled, but Fuji could tell that he was hiding his grin.

Tezuka was exceptionally good at hiding his grin, but Fuji knew how to find it. He pulled back the sheets, running his hand down Tezuka's back. "Your body is so beautiful. A work of art, crafted lovingly over years, with blood, sweat, and tears."

"Thanks," Tezuka replied dryly, vainly trying to pull the covers back up. "But that doesn't mean I want to appear in People magazine half-naked, and in messy sheets."

Fuji laughed. "Can we negotiate? What about Sports Illustrated? Or World Tennis Monthly?"

Tezuka sighed, and rolled over abruptly, grabbing Fuji by the waist. "Am I going to have to have that camera surgically removed?"

"I think you can think of a way to get rid of it," Fuji grinned, still holding his finger on the shutter button.

"Excuse me, sirs," Devon said, coughing slightly under her breath. Fuji rolled his eyes, and flopped over in bed. She was standing in the doorway, looking at her shoes. "I don't want to interrupt, but a situation has arisen with some fan mail that I thought you should be aware of."

"What, is it that stalker again?" Tezuka yawned. "I thought he had been detained in Germany."

"You have a stalker?" Fuji ran his fingers over Tezuka's collarbone. "You never told me that."

Tezuka shrugged. "It's just a fan who doesn't know where to draw the line. I have security. It's really no problem."

"I beg your pardon, sir, but... This fan mail was for Fuji-san." She looked up long enough to be sure she had their attention, and then she returned to a perusal of her shoes. "The language in the letters is indicative of someone with a highly developed fantasy life surrounding you, sir. Additionally, it would appear as if she has taken some measures to try to be closer to Fuji-san, so we're concerned about a probably contact event."

"What?" Tezuka shot straight up in bed. "Who is this person? What exactly has she said?"

"Relax, 'Mitsu," Fuji shrugged. "It's just a fan who doesn't know where to draw the line, right?" He winked at Tezuka.

Tezuka scowled. "I want full security on Syuusuke at all times. I don't want some nutjob getting close enough to fantasize about anything."

"We are taking the appropriate measures, Tezuka-san," she assured them quickly. "But I wanted you to be apprised." Quietly, she closed the door to their bedroom.

"Well," Fuji sighed. "Looks like I'm officially a 'star.' I even have my own stalker."

"This isn't funny, Syuusuke. Promise me you'll be careful?" Tezuka brushed Fuji's hair behind his ear.

Fuji smiled, and kissed Tezuka softly. "Same to you. You didn't even tell me you had a stalker. See, this is karma."

Tezuka sighed. "Mine was just some guy who thought I was his long-lost brother. I have security, and so do all the stadiums I play. Please, be careful."

"Tell me you love me," Fuji whispered breathily. "And I'll be as careful as you want."

"I love you," Tezuka said seriously, "and I'll tell you every hour, on the hour, if you promise to take care of the most precious person in the world for me when you're away." He kissed Fuji passionately before Fuji could say anything cheeky in reply.

Dearest Fuji,

I have to say, I'm a little disappointed. Maybe you didn't get my last letter? I don't know if your mail gets forwarded when you are on assignment. I suppose that must have been what happened. I just wasn't in time. It's all right, I suppose.

I saw the pictures, though, that you took of your school friend. The ones of him in bed, all tousled and naked, apparently. I would imagine that he wasn't really naked. It's all tricks of the camera, right, darling?

I heard some rumors about your school friend that bothered me a great deal, though. That he's done sinful things. I suppose when your friends go down a bad path, there's not much you can do about it. Still, it's distressing.

I don't think you should associate with him.

I have a job in Tokyo now, darling. I walked by your house the other day. I left a small token on your fence, but I don't know if you got it. It's a beautiful house. I imagined our children running around on that wide porch in the back. I think the pond should be filled in, though. Not safe for children.

Well, I don't have much time to write now, with work. I know you're coming home soon. I can't wait.

Yours, always.

Yumiko ran her fingers through her brother's hair. "You know, I know a guy who knows a few people associated with the yakuza. A word here, a little nudge there, this stalker problem will just up and vanish." She smiled, and wiggled her eyebrows.

Fuji laughed, squirming a bit to get more comfortable. He was lying on her sofa, his head in her lap. He reached up lazily, and touched her cheek. "I don't think I want her dead. Well. I don't know. What kind of nudge are we talking here?"

"The security agents Devon hired assured us that they would have the situation resolved shortly," Tezuka reminded them, sounding a bit like a beleaguered teacher trying to keep an unruly class in order. He was sitting across the room, icing his shoulder.

Fuji frowned, watching Tezuka adjust his ice bag. He turned away, disliking to see his lover in pain. "We know that. But still. A backup isn't a bad thing. Besides, I'm not supposed to listen to you, sin boy."

Yumiko laughed gently, moving her fingernails through her brother's hair. Her mouth, however, curved back down into a worried frown as soon as the mirth had escaped. "Well, I still say you should stay here until this blows over. I don't like the idea of some psycho harboring sick fantasies about my little brother... especially if she's leaving presents behind at your house."

"It was just a ring," Fuji shrugged. He didn't like talking about this. This person, whoever she was, was succeeding too well in becoming a part of his life, even if it wasn't how she wanted.

"A wedding ring, Syuusuke. I don't like this at all."

He sighed.

He heard Tezuka slide the ice bag off his shoulder, and stand up. He only turned when he felt Tezuka's fingers on his neck, though he wanted to when he heard Tezuka kneel down next to them. Tezuka leaned over, and kissed his cheek softly. "Don't worry. This is still our life. Just the hazard of being a genius."

Fuji smiled, and touched Tezuka's cheek. He was so beautiful...

Yumiko put her fingers in Tezuka's hair, and Fuji almost laughed at the way that Tezuka stiffened. Tezuka slowly pulled away, earning a soft noise of disappointment from Yumiko. "I'm glad you take good care of my Syuusuke, Tezuka-kun. He's used to only the best."

Fuji smiled brightly, and reached out for Tezuka's hand, squeezing it tightly. "He knows."

I don't understand why you want to hurt me so much. I just can't grasp it. It's horrible, Syuusuke!

I was there. But you knew, right? The way our souls are connected, you had to know. I saw you with him. WHAT YOU DID WITH THAT FAG. I threw up after I watched it! How can you stand to do that, kissing another man!? His hands were inside your shorts. Even thinking about it now, it makes me sick all over again.

I know I will forgive you, because our souls need to be together, but I just don't understand what I've done to deserve this kind of pain. I thought you loved me.

I never dreamed you would do this. I just don't know what to do.

Fuji closed the door to his darkroom, turning the lock that turned on the light to indicate he was processing film. He leaned back against the door and sighed, sinking to the ground.

He could still hear Tezuka yelling at the security guard. At least now, though, he couldn't hear Tezuka's words. He put his hands over his face, just blocking everything out.

He wasn't afraid of this girl, whoever she was, even though everyone was trying to scare him, talking about what obsession could drive a person to do. Obviously, this nutjob was delusional, if she thought that Fuji was her soulmate. If she really did love him, she'd think about what she was doing to him. He couldn't even go out without it being a major hassle, with all the security, and Tezuka, worried, always, those soft brown eyes narrowed, Tezuka's lips quivering in a hard line, and Fuji could tell, Tezuka would rather just keep Fuji close, in his arms, at all times, if possible.

Fuji had never felt so trapped in all his life, and he hated the feeling, with a burning, aching passion.

At least the yelling had stopped. He could hear Tezuka's footsteps, unmistakable since they were in school due to their precision. "Syuusuke?" Tezuka was speaking to the door, to where the door met the wall, to be specific. Fuji knew he should answer. He knew he should let Tezuka in, talk to him...

He said nothing.

"Syuusuke..." Tezuka sighed, and it sounded like he was sitting down, leaning against the door, too. "Syuusuke. How does a weekend at the hot springs sound? There's a place your sister recommends... I was thinking of getting a few rooms, going with your sister and brother. If we make the plans with due discretion, we should be able to enjoy a peaceful weekend without... distractions."

Fuji was smiling, so that he just couldn't stop. He loved Tezuka's careful way with words. "That sounds good, 'Mitsu."

I wonder where you went this weekend. But since you're gone, I thought I should look into your house, make sure the plants were being watered.

My, this is a big place! Just think of how our children will run through the halls!

I like how you've decorated, too. Most men have no sense for fashion. The pictures are such a nice touch, so personal and homey. So many pictures! The pretty girl who looks like you must be your sister. I can't wait to meet her; I'm sure we'll be good friends. I don't know who everyone else is, but I'm sure I'll know them soon.

That man lives here with you. You have so many pictures of him. He is very attractive, I'll grant you. I saw the pictures of him you have under the bed. I tried to be objective and evaluate them as art, but I got too mad. Don't worry, though. I was careful. I dumped them, and most of his clothes, in the tub, and I opened the window, and set them all on fire. It was really pretty. The marble in there is all black now, but I'm sure that will wash away.

I can't stand the thought of him touching you. He'll never touch you again, Syuusuke.

I went through your dirty laundry. Your underwear is so cute, Syuusuke, but you'll need to switch to more loose-fitting underwear when we're married. I want lots of beautiful children. Still, there was one pair, red, and it seemed to have some... crusty stains on it, if you know what I mean. I couldn't help it, my beloved Syuusuke, I had to smell them... And it was so arousing, I laid out on (YOUR half of) your bed, and I actually ended up rubbing myself off with the underwear. It was the most powerful orgasm I've ever had. And I thought, if this is how it is with just his underwear, how will it be when it's him, inside of me, like he is meant to be?

I know, it's going to be beautiful.

Hurry home, love. I'm getting restless without you.

Fuji picked up the very heavy and very expensive glass thing that they bought in Milan last year, and flung it at the wall.

"Syuusuke..." Tezuka put his hands out to touch Fuji's arms, but he wasn't holding Fuji back or restraining him. Just. Grounding him. "Syuusuke, it's all right..."

"It's not all right!" Fuji shouted, right in Tezuka's face. "She broke into our home! She violated our things! She destroyed some precious photographs that I can't reproduce anymore! This is not all right! This is very far from all right!" He couldn't keep looking at Tezuka, because Tezuka's calm was making him more furious. He tried to pick up the end table and throw it across the room, but he just turned it over and kicked it, so it would roll away. "She was in our bed! She was... with... And, God, for some reason, this is the part that I can't get over. She did those filthy, disgusting things with YOUR underwear! The stupid bitch couldn't even get that right! After she burned so many of your clothes... my favorite shirt and those jeans I love for you to wear... And she fucked herself with YOUR fucking underwear, and your underwear should be MINE to do dirty things with, NO ONE ELSE'S!"

"I know, Syuusuke," Tezuka sighed, and he finally pulled Fuji into his arms, clinging to him.

At first, Fuji tried to push away, but Tezuka's arms were too strong. After a few minutes of letting Tezuka hold him, He finally shuddered, and let it go.

He was ashamed of himself as the tears started to spill down his cheeks, but he couldn't help it. And, it was Tezuka. So, it was all right, for just a bit. "It's not fair. I didn't encourage this in any way. I'm just living my life. We are. Why does this bitch think she can intrude on that?"

Tezuka kissed his forehead gently. "I don't know, Syuusuke. It's not fair. And it's not right. But, she's not going to succeed. We've still got each other. And I'm not letting go, I swear."

"I feel so helpless," Fuji confessed in a small voice. "I hate this. This is our home, and I don't feel safe here."

"Syuusuke," Tezuka sighed, kissing Fuji's forehead. "Let's get away from here. Just... we'll go to Melbourne."

"Australia?" Fuji pulled back so he could look in Tezuka's eyes.

"There's a condo there near Melbourne Park. We can go there, and no one needs to know where we are. We can let this... be taken care of, and we'll be far away from this bitch." The intensity of Tezuka's eyes was enough to take Fuji's breath away. It was the sort of look that made it seem like Tezuka could really move mountains with just his will.

Fuji was so in love with this man.

"Ok. I want to get away from here, 'Mitsu. Now. Just. Can't stand this..." He wrapped his arms around Tezuka's neck, clinging tightly, and feeling somewhat better because he knew that Tezuka was clinging to him, too.

You left again. I don't understand. I've been waiting for you. You were home, and then you were gone... no one knew anything!

You must not understand... Things are getting kind of desperate for me. I lost my job because I spent a night in jail for being caught on our porch. I explained it to them and everything! I told them to call you, but they wouldn't. And then this prissy bitch said that I was stalking you or some such bullshit...

Syuusuke, I need you. I need to feel your arms. I'm going crazy here. Please. Don't make me wait anymore. I can't. I can't handle this.

Did you leave with him!? I don't know what's going on. I need... need you to tell me that you still love me. Our souls are bonded. I need you.

If you don't come home right now, I'm going to do something irrevocable that we'll both regret, you cheating selfish bastard.

Tezuka crawled into bed gently, but Fuji refused to wake up. Or, at least, acknowledge his state of consciousness. He pulled down the comforter, and kissed Fuji's nape, rubbing his nose gently against Fuji's ear.

"Syuusuke. I just got a call from Devon."

"I don't want to hear it," Fuji shifted away from Tezuka, curling up tighter into himself. "I don't care. We're here to get away from that, from all of that. So, I don't want to hear about it."

"She broke into our house again," Tezuka sighed, pulling Fuji into his arms, and kissing under his ear.

"Again?!" Fuji turned around, elbowing Tezuka in the process. "What the hell did we hire security for? What did she do this time?"

"She killed herself in the foyer." Fuji's eyes widened in horror, and Tezuka took a deep breath. "I wasn't given specifics, and I didn't ask, but..."

"I don't want to go back there!" Fuji grabbed for Tezuka, clinging to him tightly, pulling their bodies together tightly. "Ever. Please..."

"I spoke to Yumiko-neesan after speaking to Devon. She'll start looking for a new home for us, and she'll help coordinate the move. How do you feel about perhaps a beach house in Chiba?"

Fuji's jaw went slack, and for a moment, he felt like he was being spun around. "R-really? You wouldn't mind?"

"Why would I?" Tezuka kissed Fuji, letting his hand slip up Fuji's back. "After everything... I want for us to have a place that is ours. I believe we've earned it."

"We have," Fuji smiled, and sighed happily. "Is it... stupid for me to feel sorry for this woman? She was delusional enough to fall in love with a fantasy, and then kill herself over it. It's... a waste, isn't it?"

Tezuka brushed Fuji's hair back, and kissed his lips softly, lovingly.

"I can say with great assurance, you are not stupid, Syuusuke."