title: Triad: Inquisition
fandom: Prince of Tennis
characters/pairings: Mizuki/Yuuta-ish, background Tezuka/Fuji/Saeki
rating: Teen
warnings: Mizuki being a perv
summary: Yuuta sees something he shouldn't, and goes to the last person on Earth he should for comfort.
notes: takes place during ep. 129, right after the Rikkai match. third in a trilogy

Mizuki Hajime had the best data in the country. He knew people raved about Seigaku's Inui, and truly, the boy did do well with it, but Mizuki's data was just so much more complete. Even Rikkai's Yanagi couldn't boast of such thorough data as his. For instance, he was reupdating his data on Jyousei Shounan's Kajimoto Yoshihiso. He was adding a few pictures he had taken of Kajimoto on a social outing with Wakato Hiroshi of the same team. He had compiled the data, figuring the probability that the outing was a date, and was very pleased with the result. He was also figuring the data on the probability of it being a long-term relationship or not, but Wakato was very private, surprisingly, and was therefore difficult to get good data on.

He had nearly twenty photographs of Kajimoto now. Of course, he had twice as many of Seigaku's Tezuka, and three times or more as many of Fuji Syuusuke, but it was still an impressive number.

Mizuki liked the way that Kajimoto served. And dressed. When he played tennis in non-school clothes, there was a 100% of seeing his belly button, a 45% chance of seeing his entire abdomen, and 20% chance of seeing his nipples during a serve. Now, did Inui have data like that?

Mizuki petted his laptop lovingly, and scrolled through his pictures. He would have to arrange another encounter with Kajimoto soon. There was plenty more data he wanted to collect on the stylish captain.

There was a quick bang on his door, and then suddenly, it was opening. Most people at St. Rudolph's knew better than to barge in on Mizuki, so that left only one person. He hastily zipped his pants up and closed his laptop. "Y-Yuuta-kun, I thought you had decided to spend the night at home, after your aniki's wondrous victory."

"Mizuki-kun, I don't know what to do!" Yuuta threw himself down on Mizuki's bed. Mizuki liked it when Yuuta went down willingly, but the boy seemed upset.

"What's wrong, Yuuta-kun?" He rolled his chair over and stroked Yuuta's arm compassionately, just the way Yuuta liked. He had a 57% chance of getting Yuuta to think it was his idea to spend the night if he did it like this.

"I... I... went home with Nee-san, like I said I would, and... and..." Yuuta thrashed on the bed, tossing Mizuki's arm away.

"Was your aniki back yet from their celebration?" Mizuki shifted over to sit on the edge of the bed, stroking Yuuta's hair.

"Yes!" Yuuta sobbed. "He was there... and so was Saeki... They were in bed together, Mizuki, and they were... they were..."

Mizuki's hand froze. "Wait, wait, wait! Saeki?! Saeki from Rokkaku?? Saeki who has lost to Fuji Syuusuke on both official meetings?"

Yuuta sniffled. "He's my friend, and he didn't tell me. No one told me! God, I felt so stupid just walking in there on them!"

Mizuki jumped to his feet. He had spent the most amount of time on Fuji Syuusuke's data, as fitting to his true rival. He had spent painstaking hours and weeks perfecting his data on Fuji. He knew more about Fuji than Yuuta, he thought. He recognized that Tezuka was his competition, because Tezuka had so much more access to Fuji, and Tezuka had beaten Fuji. But Tezuka was gone now and inroads were supposed to be being made... "But that doesn't make sense! Saeki has lost to your brother! And your brother is supposed to be with Tezuka!"

"I shouldn't be so surprised," Yuuta bitterly continued, ignoring Mizuki. "They never tell me anything. I'm just the annoying little brother. They both treat me like that, but I was Saeki's friend first. You'd think he'd be a little loyal to me."

"Wait, wait, tell me," Mizuki quickly shifted to data mode. He could still recover. If he incorporated this into his algorithms... "How long has this been going on? Do they seem serious about each other? How does Tezuka figure into this?"

"God, if Tezuka is a part of this, I don't want to know!" Yuuta stared at Mizuki in horror.

Mizuki considered. On the other hand, if Tezuka did figure into it, that would be very interesting... Mizuki made a mental note to make some mock-up pictures when Yuuta was gone. "Now, tell me everything, Yuuta, and this is very important. What position were they in? Did it look like your brother was on top or bottom?"

Yuuta picked up the pillow and smacked Mizuki with it hard enough to push him off the bed. "What the hell?! Mizuki! Don't ask me shit like that!"

Mizuki laughed, playing it off like a joke. Clearly, he needed to invest more time in gathering Saeki Kojirou's data. "Yuuta-kun, I'm sorry, but... in the future, you should really wait for people to acknowledge your knock before coming in. It will save you a lot of hassle, and besides, it's polite."

Yuuta looked shamefaced. "Ah, sorry, Mizuki-kun, were you busy?"

He had been working on getting 'busy,' but... "No, no, just adding data to my database from today's match."

"Oh!" Yuuta perked up. "Getting all the info on Rikkai Dai and Seigaku, huh? Anything interesting?"

"Erm, yes," Mizuki lied, pretending that he was talking about game data instead of spectator data. "Don't worry, Yuuta-kun, I promised to coach you on Echizen's data, and I will. Although, the boy does keep evolving..."

"Yeah," Yuuta sighed, rolling over happily. "It's really exciting, isn't it?"

"Yes... it is..." What was exciting to Mizuki was that, based on previous experience, if he could keep Yuuta talking about tennis for ten more minutes, in this position, his chances of sex were 98%. "What was that smash called? Cyclone smash?"

"Wow, that was so cool, wasn't it?" Yuuta beamed up at Mizuki.

Mizuki smiled down at Yuuta. He could correct his Fuji data tomorrow when he added a section for Fuji Yumiko.

He had the next best thing tonight.