title: Triad: Exploration
fandom: Prince of Tennis
characters/pairings: Tezuka/Fuji/Saeki
rating: G
warnings: none
summary: Tezuka thinks about Oishi's phone call.
notes: takes place during ep. 129, right after the Rikkai match. second in a trilogy

Tezuka hung up the phone, scowling. They'd won, but something had happened to Syuusuke? Oishi said that they'd won all three singles matches. Tezuka had hoped that their Golden Pair could triumph, thus alleviating the need to rely on Echizen, but as it turned out, he simply lacked faith in their new pillar of strength. Still.

What had happened? Syuusuke had hurt his knee? Was it serious?

"Tezuka-san, did you get good news?"

He turned to face his doctor. "Aa, I did." Mostly good news, at least... He would have to have faith that Kojirou would take care of Syuusuke. After all, he loved him as much as Tezuka did...

He followed his doctor, only half listening as she went through the daily schedule for him. He was preoccupied, thinking about the past, thinking about Kojirou kissing Syuusuke. The first time he'd seen it, they were all sitting in a circle in Syuusuke's room. Tezuka had let Syuusuke talk him into going to his house after school to spend the night. It was supposed to be a good way to keep Tezuka from getting nervous before his big match with Rokkaku. They hadn't expected Saeki to be there. Yuuta had to leave for a field trip, and they spent the evening together in Syuusuke's room. Kojirou was a lot like Syuusuke, at least in his sense of humor, but he was less enigmatic, and more aggressive.

Syuusuke and Kojirou were teasing each other, and Syuusuke dared Kojirou to try to kiss him. So Kojirou leaned over, and kissed Tezuka instead. He looked right into Kojirou's sparkling blue eyes, and then Syuusuke grabbed Kojirou's face and kissed him, just a nose away from Tezuka.

"Tezuka-san! Please follow directions."

He tried to pay attention. As soon as he got into the repetitive swing of the motions again, he let himself slip into memory. Going to Chiba over break with Syuusuke, and camping on the beach, the three of them huddled in a two-person tent, small hands reaching out. The barrier that he couldn't breach in himself, Kojirou just tripped right over. There was some magic in the three of them being together. Syuusuke would drop his guard, and smile for real around Tezuka, when Tezuka was relaxed.

Chiba was too far away from Tokyo for their tastes, and during school, they couldn't meet up as often. They emailed each other, and talked on the phone. Tezuka loved the sound of Kojirou's voice when he said his given name. 'Kunimitsu.' It sounded so sexy when Kojirou said it.

He and Syuusuke were lucky. They were together all the time, but they still missed Kojirou. They would have sleep-overs, and call Kojirou when they were curled up together under the blankets.

They kept him sane.

When he'd had to tell them that he was going away from treatment, he insisted that they meet in person. He had to see both of them, see their eyes. They met a train station halfway between Chiba and Tokyo. When he told them, Kojirou reached over and took Syuusuke's hand right away.

"Tezuka-san, please turn around."

He didn't know how long it would last. Sometimes, it felt like it had lasted too long already. Sometimes, he felt like Kojirou and Syuusuke would just get bored with him, and go off together. But they were more than his lovers; they were his best friends.

He didn't go the showers after his workout. He wasn't sure what time it was in Japan, and he didn't want to bother figuring it out. He called Kojirou's cell phone.

"Hell~o!" Kojirou answered cheerfully.

"How's his knee?" Tezuka didn't bother with any preamble, because he knew that Kojirou would understand.

"Doctor said he should take it easy and ice it when he could, and it would be fine. Do you know what happened?"

"No," Tezuka growled. "Oishi told me nothing."

"Oishi seems to be the excitable sort," Kojirou commented generally. "That Kirihara bastard targeted his knee. Kept hitting him there. But Syuusuke didn't let him off. He crushed the bastard."

Tezuka nodded. "You're staying with him tonight?" It was a loaded question.

He could hear Kojirou smile. "Already missed the last train to Chiba. Don't worry, I'll take care of him, as soon as he gets back from that sushi place. We miss you. Kunimitsu."

Tezuka sighed, and leaned forward, draping an arm over the phone.

Kojirou sighed audibly. "Do you want me to give him one for you, babe?"

"Love you both," Tezuka whispered, and hung up.

He would have to work harder, get home quickly. He needed them.