title: Triad: Discovery
fandom: Prince of Tennis
characters/pairings: Fuji/Saeki(?), Oishi, Tezuka, Eiji
rating: G
warnings: oishi is silly
summary: Oishi sees something he doesn't want to.
notes: takes place during ep. 129, right after the Rikkai match. first in a trilogy

Oishi paced back and forth, staring at Tezuka's number on his cell phone. He had to call his captain, had to tell him... But what would he say? How would he break the news to him? How would Tezuka react?

There was nothing for it. He had to bite the bullet before Inui called Tezuka. Thank whatever gods were watching them that Inui was still busy going over the match with Kaidou, but even Inui could only keep that up for so long. He hit the send button, and closed his eyes, biting his lip.

Tezuka answered with his usual clipped efficiency. "Aa?"

Oishi started to ramble. "Tezuka, I'm really sorry to have to tell you this, I wish I didn't have to, but you deserve to know right away, even if it's bad, and I'm sorry, but you should know, because it's important to you, and I have to tell you..."

"Oishi." Tezuka interrupted abruptly. "You lost to Rikkai Dai. It's all right."

"What? No, we won, singles 1, 2, 3, our doubles teams both lost. That's not it. It's just..." Oishi bit his lip. How could he tell Tezuka this? Poor Tezuka, all alone in Germany, probably in pain, unable to speak the language, working hard to come back to them only to find out... "I saw Fuji kissing Saeki! From Rokkaku! I'm so sorry, Tezuka, I went to find Fuji so I could take him to the hospital for his knee, and I saw them, behind the washrooms, and Saeki had his hands everywhere, and Fuji seemed to like it, and..."

"Oishi!" Tezuka stopped the flow of words, thankfully, but now Oishi was afraid of what he would say. No one liked to get bad news... "What happened to Fuji's knee?"

Oishi blinked. "Eh? Tezuka, look, I'm really sorry. I knew that Fuji knew Saeki, they seemed really friendly when we went to the beach, but I didn't really think anything of it, but something must have been going on for a while now, from the look of it..."

"Oishi." Tezuka sighed. "What happened to Syuusuke's knee? Is he all right?"

Tears were forming in his eyes. Tezuka was just so noble! "Oh, Tezuka, I'm sorry I had to be the one to tell you this, but I couldn't not tell you, you know, and let you think that he was just waiting for you when he's obviously moved on..."


Oishi shut right up at the tone of his captain's voice.

"Oishi. Syuusuke and I don't have that kind of relationship."

Oishi's bottom lip quivered. "Tezuka! You don't have to be brave! You seem so cold and stoic, but I know that you have a human heart beating under that icy exterior! I'm your friend, you can be honest with me, I swear!"

"Oishi. To be precise, Syuusuke, Kojirou, and I have that kind of relationship. I'm glad that Kojirou was there for him. Now, please, tell me, what happened to his knee?"

Oishi stopped dead in his tracks. Did Tezuka just say...? The three of them...? A sudden mental image hit him, and Oishi needed to get off the phone. "Ok, well, have to go now, Tezuka, get better and join us at Nationals. Bye..."

"Oishi! Wait! Syuusuke's knee...!" Oishi flipped his phone shut, and wandered over to where Eiji was waiting for him.

"Nya, Oishi, you finally off the phone? Was Tezuka excited? Could you even tell?" Eiji grinned, making a funny face at Oishi that was probably supposed to be a Tezuka impersonation.

Oishi stared off into space. "Eiji. Before we go to Kawamura sushi, do we have time to go back to my house and... feed the fish?"

"Eh?" Eiji blinked looking confused, and then he brightened. "Oh! Sure! Nya, we always have time for that, don't we, Oishi?" Eiji winked at him, and happily started off for the bus to Oishi's house.

Oishi followed, like he was in a funeral procession. The three of them... Who knew Tezuka was a pervert?