title: to the Brim
fandom: Prince of Tennis
characters/pairings: Yukimura/Sanada, Yanagi, Marui, Kirihara
rating: G
warnings: none
summary: Yukimura knows how to get Sanada's attention.
notes: based on this banner that i won for pot_challenge cuz it's soooo pretty. ^_^ takes place their second year, pretending they are in high school.

"What... What the hell are you talking about?! I'm talking about Godzilla here! Freaking Godzilla! What is some guy dressed as a rodent going to do against freakin' Godzilla!"

"Akaya, I swear, if you stick your nose in my face one more time, I'm biting it clean off."

Sanada sighed, and hitched his towel a bit tighter around his hips. His shoulders and back were sore from the training today, but it was good, a solid burn that meant that he was getting stronger. He tuned out Bunta explaining to Kirihara how Batman had access to Wayne Tech Satellites and he could use radiation to shrink Godzilla. At least they weren't arguing about which Sailor Scout was the strongest and/or sluttiest anymore.

Yukimura and Yanagi were facing each other, straddling the bench, with books strewn between them. Yanagi was explaining a tricky differentiation to Yukimura, who was blatantly copying Yanagi's homework as Yanagi talked on. Both of them looked up at Sanada and smiled, for different reasons, of course. He opened his locker, and pulled out his clothes, setting his hat down on the bench behind Yanagi carefully.

"Seiichi, you won't be able to do well on the test if you don't understand the underlying principles."

"Sure I will, Renji," Yukimura smiled. "Because I can study the homework between now and then."

"Genichirou," Yanagi pleaded with good humor.

Sanada pulled on his pants and then shrugged. "His grades are better than mine. Don't look at me."

Yanagi shook his head, and collected his books and notebooks. "You two are both hopeless."

"At least we're good at tennis," Yukimura shrugged, and one might have thought the edge to his tone was imagined, based on his smile, but neither Sanada nor Yanagi was fooled.

Yanagi patted Sanada on the back as he was leaving. "Not that I could forget... See you tomorrow."

Yukimura waved goodbye, and Sanada nodded. Yukimura was watching Sanada button his shirt. It was making Sanada... clumsy. "You and Renji are playing doubles in the first round of Nationals, right?"

Sanada nodded. Yukimura knew perfectly well what the line up was, because the Captain would never do anything without being sure Yukimura approved. The team followed Yukimura, after all.

Leaning back, Yukimura smiled. "I like watching you two play doubles. But the games always go by so quickly."

Sanada gave Yukimura a quick look. He'd like to play doubles with Yukimura. That would be fun. And the games would go by even faster...

Bunta stormed over to Yukimura and Sanada, pulling Kirihara by the ear. "Tell him! First years were never this annoying before him! I certainly was not this annoying last year! Tell him!"

Sanada frowned. He honestly didn't remember Bunta at all from last year. He thought perhaps he had transferred into Rikkai Dai, until Yanagi told him that they had played last year, three times. Yukimura just smiled. "Of course you weren't annoying, Marui. You were transparent. That's never annoying."

Bunta deflated, and Kirihara doubled over laughing.

Yukimura sighed softly. "Akaya, I do wish you'd try to get along better with your teammates, though. We are a team."

Kirihara stopped laughing. "I'm sorry, Yukimura-senpai."

Beaming, Yukimura tapped his watch. "You two should get on home. It's getting late."

"What about you two?" Kirihara asked petulantly while Bunta snickered, and snuck away.

Yukimura was unflappable. "Sanada-san works much harder than anyone else, so he's always here late. And I'm locking up today."

"I can wait with you, Yukimura-senpai," Kirihara offered, clearly of the opinion that being alone with Sanada was something most people would try to avoid.

"You can go home," Yukimura insisted, and waved goodbye.

The locker room was impossibly quiet now, as they were the only ones left.

And Yukimura was watching him as he tied his tie. Yukimura's tie was hanging off his neck, and his top button was undone, so Sanada copied that style. "Sorry to keep you waiting." He shoved his things in his tennis bag, and hefted that on his shoulder, and then he grabbed his hat.

Oddly, though, his hat was resisting him.

"No worries," Yukimura said breezily, holding firmly to the other end of Sanada's cap. "I like it better this way, anyway. Just the two of us."

Sanada really had no idea what to make of that, so he just tugged on his hat. Yukimura wasn't giving an inch. Resigned, Sanada lowered his eyes. "Yukimura? May I please have my hat?"

He pondered for a moment before pulling the hat out of Sanada's hand entirely, and then he slipped it on his own head. "Of course you can. Come home with me, and I'll give it to you then."

Yukimura looked unbearably cute in Sanada's cap. It was completely unfair. Sanada could feel his cheeks warm. "Y-Yukimura, I think that I should..."

"You want your hat back, right?" Yukimura stood up serenely and smiled. "Then follow me."

"Y-yes," Sanada said, lowering his chin. There was just no way to talk Yukimura out of anything he had set his mind to. He followed Yukimura dutifully, walking just a step behind him. As they walked to Yukimura's house, Yukimura would look over his shoulder to make sure Sanada was still there. He would smile, and turn his head back forward, and adjust Sanada's hat on his head. They could have taken the train, but then, the trip would have been only fifteen minutes, and most of the time, they would have been sitting or standing still. Yukimura hated that, Sanada knew, so they walked, and it took nearly forty minutes.

Yukimura's mother was in the kitchen, and Yukimura called out to her, but he grabbed Sanada's wrist, and pulled him upstairs. He closed the door to his bedroom, biting his bottom lip as if he was doing something very bad.

Sanada waited patiently in the center of Yukimura's bedroom, trying not to feel self-conscious.

"Don't look at me like that," Yukimura warned with a smile. "You have to earn your hat back." He walked around Sanada to the bed, and he sat down heavily, watching Sanada.

"And how do I do that?" Sanada asked tersely.

Yukimura licked his lips and considered. "Well, you'd have to do something impressive. And unexpected. You'd have to be quick. Frankly, I don't think you are up..."

Sanada bent down quickly, and kissed Yukimura. His heart was pounding. Yukimura's lips were as soft as silk, and he smelled vaguely of sweat. Sanada's whole body shuddered, but he maintained enough of his presence of mind to swipe his hat as he pulled away.

Yukimura pouted, but he didn't look entirely disappointed.

After putting his hat back where it rightfully belonged, Sanada cleared his throat. "Well, I should..."

He looked down. Yukimura had grabbed his hand. "Stay for dinner?"

It was rare for Yukimura to actually ask a question, rather than just make a polite demand. Sanada had chores, and homework, and he had to practice in the dojo still... "Of course."

Yukimura beamed, and Sanada's heart swelled. "Great! Let's play a game first." He jumped off the bed, and pulled out the game console he almost never used, hooking it up to the equally useless television.

Resigned and happy, Sanada sat down in front of the television. When Yukimura was ready, he sat down, so close to Sanada that their knees were touching. As they raced their little cartoon cars around the field, Yukimura would lean into Sanada, even when his car was veering the other way. Sanada never let anyone win, but he didn't mind just enjoying the game, and Yukimura's victory. This time.

After all, he had his hat back.