title: tidal
fandom: Prince of Tennis
characters/pairings: Tezuka/Fuji, Atobe/Yumiko, slight Fuji/Yumiko, slight Atobe/Tezuka/Fuji/Yumiko
rating: Mature
warnings: incestuous kissing, nudity
summary: Atobe, Yumiko, Fuji, Tezuka... a weekend, a beach, a departure from the norm...
notes: for iltb, for.... *sighs* Christmas request. ~_~

She walked back from the beach, tugging at her bikini bottom. Atobe's 'beach house' was a tiny castle on the sand, secluded from everyone and everything else.

Her suit was itchy. And. She couldn't think of any reason not to...

She swung her soggy bikini on her finger as she walked into the house. Those lazy boys... Tezuka almost had an excuse, since he was taking a break to recuperate from yet another surgery. Syuusuke, though, was just stretched out on the floor, coloring, of all things. Her fiancé... it was still odd to think of him like that... Atobe was at the desk, working on his damned laptop.

He looked up as she tossed her suit over to the stone floor of the kitchen. "I hope you took that off after coming in from the beach, scrumptious."

"Mm, maybe I did, maybe I didn't..." She shrugged, laughing easily. She liked the way that Atobe's eyes stayed on her body, his hands falling away from the computer.

Tezuka looked up momentarily, and then he held his book up higher, hiding behind it.

She sat down next to her little brother, combing out her hair with her fingers. "What in the world are you doing, Syuusuke? You're a bit old for coloring books..."

"I found these in our bedroom," he informed her, smiling benignly. "Look, you're marrying a man who never colored outside the lines. So, I'm fixing these, in case you have his demon spawn, so they won't think they have to color inside the lines like this." He proudly showed off a page of the book, which, indeed, had at one time been colored very neatly, but he was slowly fixing it so neatness would be the last thing that came to mind when looking it over.

She laughed, and leaned over, slipping her hand in the back of his pants. Of course, he wasn't wearing any underwear. "You were never much one for following the rules rigidly, were you, Syuu-chan?"

"Well, I had my big sister's good example to follow," he said, poking her in the breast.

"You two give me a headache," Atobe whined, closing his laptop. He came around, plopping down next to Tezuka on the couch. "Act like siblings! Siblings!"

"We are," she said, pouting a bit. "Older siblings care for their younger siblings, and teach them important things, like kissing!"

"You were a good teacher, sis," Syuusuke beamed.

"Thank you, Syuu-chan," she purred, patting his bottom.

"Eh?" Atobe put his arm around a scowling Tezuka. "What sort of family am I marrying into, I wonder? I don't believe you really taught him how to kiss. I don't want to believe it. Eh, Tezuka?" But Tezuka was ignoring him, staring furiously at his book. Annoyed, Atobe tossed the book away, and Tezuka's blush was revealed.

She watched her little brother watching Tezuka, and the way Atobe had his arm around him. She recognized that hard look in his eyes, belied by his whimsical smile.

She grinned.

She tugged on Syuusuke's shirt, pinching his bottom. He reluctantly sat up, and she pulled his shirt off. "You really ought to know better than to challenge me like that, Keigo." He tipped Syuusuke's chin up, and kissed him slowly. He leaned in, and put his hands on her hips, slipping his tongue into her mouth.

Damn, he was a better kisser than she remembered.

She pulled away, but she kept her arms around his shoulders. "I think you've picked up a few tricks. Tezuka-kun must be a good kisser."

"Is he?" Atobe chuckled, slipping closer to Tezuka, who was attempting to pretend that he wasn't anywhere near there. "Mm. This seems unfair. The two of you there... Let me see..." Quickly, he turned Tezuka's face toward him, and he leaned in, and kissed Tezuka.

She squeezed Syuusuke closer. The two men she lusted for the most in the world... sitting only a few feet away from her... kissing, and she was nude... She ran her fingernails down her brother's back teasingly. "What do you think of that, Syuusuke? Mm?"

He pulled away from her, and slithered up Tezuka's lap. He brushed his fingers over Tezuka's lips. He looked into Tezuka's eyes... and then leaned over, and kissed Atobe quickly.

She laughed, leaning back to watch them. She wanted to touch herself, even just have her hand closer, on her inner thigh, maybe...

Syuusuke sat down next to Tezuka, and put his hand on the triangle of skin revealed by Tezuka's polo. "We might be taking the bonds of familial love a bit far."

"Might?" Atobe snorted.

"Mm," Yumiko stretched out a bit. "Looking at the three of you up there..." She slinked up like a cat, putting her hands on Tezuka's thighs. She leaned up, needing to bite her lip to keep from laughing at his horrified expression. She put her lips on his, and kissed him slowly.

"That's enough, Yumiko," Atobe sighed, rubbing her back. She loved his hands, the softness of them... "You're going to give him a heart attack with your feminine wiles."

Laughing, she stood up, and stretched out. "Well. I'm going to shower." She started to walk away, but she looked at the three boys on the couch, and grinned.

"Anyone want to join me?" She laughed, and shook her hair out. Hopefully, she'd have someone to wash it for her.