title: Thin Walls
fandom: Yellow
characters/pairings: one-sided or implied Taki/Gou, Gou/OMC
rating: Teen
warnings: sex, porn
summary: Taki stays awake a lot...
notes: written for the lovely and talented Mina Lightstar, because she rocks, and she asked me to. ^_~ i think it was going to be something else at some point, and then it became a companion to her fic Lip Gloss because even my fics wanna hang with the cool kids?

If Taki bringing home women was bad, than Gou bringing home men was a million times worse. And it happened nearly every night, it seemed. Gou was... sociable. And sexual, which Taki knew better than he wanted. He was sure. And he was loud sometimes. When he got screamers.

Like this one.

It wasn't that he resented Gou's promiscuity. It was none of his business, and it was Gou's choice. It wasn't that he was bitter about the little temper tantrums Gou threw whenever Taki brought home a woman. He wasn't petty like that.

It wasn't that he was jealous, either, even though that thought crossed his mind, that this feeling of being choked, of not being able to see straight for a moment, of being sick with emotion he can't stomach... well, that sounded like jealousy, sure, but there were a lot of emotions, and many of them had names that weren't jealousy.

It was something else.

This boy had skinny legs, and dark hair. He wore makeup artfully so he looked like he was just a bit more than naturally beautiful, and he had startlingly green eyes that were probably unnatural, but Taki didn't see close enough. He had seen Gou bringing the boy in - he couldn't be eighteen, he barely looked sixteen - and Gou had been laughing, his eyes on the boy's neck. The boy hung off of Gou, and watched Gou like he was doing magic tricks. The boy saw Taki, and pouted to Gou, but Gou assured him, before the boy could say anything, even, that Taki was straight.

And Taki was straight. Straight as a rail. Straight as a button. A straight button.

So, when Gou took the boy into the kitchen, and fed him strawberries, the boy sitting on the counter, his legs spread out, and Gou between the legs, his arm around the boy's waist, holding him close, obviously, Taki didn't care at all, because he was straight, so it wasn't an issue. Later, when they were in Gou's bedroom, and the boy was screaming at the top of his lungs, saying obscene things that sounded ridiculous from a room away, the only reason Taki was annoyed was because he was trying to download porn, and he couldn't hear the girls going wild with that racket. About an hour later, in the bathroom, when the boy was laughing, and the water didn't quite drown out the rhythmic grunts, Taki was aroused because he'd hacked into the Hustler mainframe.

But, really. Were they going to have sex all night long?

When he heard those muffled sounds that meant they were kissing, Taki could taste Gou on the tip of his tongue, and feel Gou's body pressed against his. He knew what Gou's hands on his body felt like. And when the boy was screaming orgasmically for the fourth time - and honestly, four times? That was showing off - Taki had to admit, to absolutely no one, that he did wonder what having an orgasm with Gou was like.

But there was no way Taki would be jealous of that boy. Maybe Gou's ex-partner who Gou used to be in love with, clearly... but that wasn't about sex. It wasn't about being straight or gay. He... needed Gou, he wanted... to be Gou's partner.

And if that guy hadn't betrayed Gou...

Taki doesn't like that line of thought any better than he likes the line of thought where Gou licks up his thigh and then started sucking on his hole.

He needed Gou. But there were lines. Boundaries. The walls to his room were thin enough that he could hear every breathy groan in the bathroom, but they kept the world of Gou's sex away from his bed.

Because he was straight.

And he wasn't going to sleep tonight, not while the sounds that seemed to fill and surround him would surely lead him to a dream he didn't want to have. He stayed on the computer all night long, staring at naked women doing things to other naked women that were downright dirty, even to his mind. And he didn't think about it.

And he didn't touch himself, either, but he was definitely not thinking about that.

The next morning, Gou was sitting at the kitchen table, looking like he might fall over into a sleeping heap on the floor. Taki wasn't going to show him any sympathy. He heard Gou going to bed at five in the morning. He'd been up all night.

He slammed a cup of coffee on the table in front of Gou, watching it splash on the table. He was a bit satisfied by the way that Gou jumped back, but it also bothered him that Gou still looked bleary with contentment.

They were partners, damn it. And. That really didn't have anything to do with it. But it also did. Damn it.

"Have pity," Gou yawned. "I had a very exerting evening."

"I know," Taki replied, keeping his voice dry so Gou couldn't accuse him of jealousy. He'd already learned; it was all right for Gou to complain about his women, because Gou openly lusted for Taki. But if he complained about Gou's boys... "Was he even legal? There are limits, Gou."

"He was older than he looked," Gou yawned. "And more experienced. He could do this..."

"I don't need to hear about it," Taki said, and he forced himself to yawn so he could seem bored. "We have a job tonight, you know."

"I know," Gou said, whining a little. "Have I ever let you down, Taki?"

Taki stirred his own coffee, mixing the disgusting creamer in, just so he'd have a reason to keep his back to Gou. "Not yet."

"Nice," Gou huffed. "That's really nice. Way to show your loyalty, Taki. Not yet. That's great." Gou got up, and stalked over to Taki, putting his hands on the counter around Taki. He put his lips to the back of Taki's neck, pushing his hair aside with his nose. "I've always been a good partner to you, Taki. You don't appreciate me enough." Gou's hands went to Taki's hips, his fingers pressing in slightly...

Taki pulled away, sipping at his coffee. "No one can appreciate you enough, right, Gou? Anyway, you know I'm not interested."

"Yeah, yeah," Gou sighed, and it wasn't fair, because he'd had sex four times last night, so what right did he have to be sullen this morning?

Taki was sure that if they did have sex... and they couldn't, because Taki was still straight... but if they did, Gou would get bored quickly. It was the chase that Gou wanted. It was because he was unattainable. It was because... he had convinced himself that he wanted Taki. Even though they kissed several times. Even though, sometimes, Taki almost thought he would give in. He wouldn't.

He needed Gou. For something. Or. Everything. Who knew? That was why, though. He was straight, and he needed Gou, so he couldn't let Gou have his way. They were partners. Partners.

"You're mean, Taki," Gou pouted, and sat back down, dragging his fingers through the spilled coffee and then licking his fingers. "You're just cranky because you didn't get laid last night, and I did. Well, you know the solution to that, right? You just need to..."

"Lop off your dick? Yeah, I thought about that, but I'm not ready to commit to helping you with your catheter. I guess I could just cut off your balls, but without the testosterone, you might be less aggressive. Anyway," he took another sip, and started to wander back to his room, back to where Gou's sex wasn't an issue, because it wasn't allowed in Taki's bed. "It's tricky. We'll find some way to work around it. Make sure you're ready to go at six."

He closed the door behind him, and finished off his coffee in one long burning gulp. He leaned back against his door, and sighed, closing his eyes.

Partnership was harder than he had thought.