title: the smell of blood
fandom: Gundam Wing
characters/pairings: Heero/Duo/Trowa
rating: Teen
warnings: bloodplay, suggestive beastiality
summary: Heero seeks to get in the middle of his prey
notes: for keylah, for this request for fic on demand.

The smell of blood was easy to follow. They were reckless, bloodthirsty.


He'd first seen them during the day. They stuck to the shadows as much as they could, and wore long sleeves in the sunshine. He'd followed them, because even though his sense of smell wasn't as strong when he was human, it was strong enough.

There was something about them.

At first, he'd thought of killing the taller one, and taking the longhaired one as his mate. He was pretty, but feisty. He'd have fun with that body, with that hair.

Then, he'd watched them having sex.

At least, the pheromones they were giving off gave the impression of sex. He'd wanted to join in, but he wasn't that strong in human form. Stronger than most humans, but not these.

Their fangs were gorgeous, especially dripping with blood. They choose their victims at random, flirted with them, seduced them, took them someplace remote... often, two or three at once. They weren't cruel. They killed quickly, after much teasing. They took blood like it was sex, and broke the necks of their prey quickly, while they were still enthralled.

Then, they fed from each other.

The display was wholly erotic, and irresistible. Heero decided he could seduce them, too. But only when he was stronger.

In the full moon, their bodies were even more beautiful, and the blood splattered on their skin looked tasty. The longhaired one turned to look at him, just as he lifted his head to lick the blood off of the vampire's hip.

"Oh, oh, look here. He's finally shown himself, Mr. Werewolf-san. What a pretty coat he has, too," the vampire laughed, reaching out with a bloody hand to pet Heero. "He looks like he wants to play with us. You know, I've never asked you, Tro." He other hand moved up the tall vampire's chest, until it snaked around his neck to tangle in the hair, and pull the tall vampire down for a brutal kiss. "How do you feel about bestiality?"

'Tro' looked at Heero, and grinned, his fangs sparkling white in the moonlight. "Well, you know me, Duo," he sighed, slipping his fingers into Heero's fur, scratching hard enough to cut. "I'm up for anything at least once."

Heero growled, and 'Duo' laughed. "Then, you can have the first bite. I think the puppy wants a taste of us." He slipped his hand down his body, pushing his pants all the way down, revealing something Heero definitely wanted a taste of.

They were reckless, and bloodthirsty, and fuck, Heero was going to have some fun with these two.