title: These Days
fandom: Loveless
characters/pairings: Kouya/Yamato
rating: teen
warnings: sexual situation, mean girl talk
summary: Different reactions.
notes: i take NO responsibility for the offensive things that come out of Yamato's mouth. it's ALL her fault. she made me type them! *cries*

She swung her legs out of bed, even though she felt like she would never move again, not for a million years. She wanted to cling to Yamato all night long, but if she did that, it would be even harder to get up, to leave, to walk away.

Excess emotion would be bad. If Sensei saw that she was too attached...

Yamato rolled over in her sleep. "Kou~ya. Where are you going?"

"Bathroom," she replied, dully, and she grabbed Yamato's ears and tail. Weird. So... lifeless. But they were once part of Yamato. She would keep them safe.

She grabbed her clothes, and went to the bathroom to get dressed, so she wouldn't have lied to Yamato. She looked at herself in the mirror.

Impossible. Impossible... She reached out to touch the glass...

She looked so different now.

She left for school early, but she put a scarf on over her head, and took a different route. She knew of this store, of course. It was considered an immoral place. She had looked it up, though, when she first started attending school here. This world she was in now, it felt like it was a million miles away from the Institute. Only cell phones and computers connected them to Sensei.

Too much freedom. She prayed that she'd need this place.

She slipped inside, and tried to unobtrusively go through the aisles, but the store wasn't laid out like she thought. The bored and yawning woman behind the counter raised an eyebrow at the furtive customer, and then beckoned her over, annoyed.

"Don't skulk, it's unladylike. Well, too late for you, I suppose... Now, come on. What color and size?"

Kouya blinked, and looked away, sneering. "Black. Ear sized."

"Saucy little minx. And how old are you, anyway? They get younger'n'younger. Here, look at these." She held out a box of black ears, some with pink skin inside, some with white fur peeking out, some with black fur peeking out.

"I'm sixteen," she lied sullenly, as if that was plenty old enough. She picked out a pair of ears that looked just about right.

The woman snorted and set aside her box, taking the ears from Kouya. "Yeah, right, and I'm the Queen of Shangri-La. Now, you put the ears on with spirit gum. See these? They hook into your hair, but the gum is what keeps them in place. No swimming or anything overly active, they won't stay on. Here, how do they look?"

She peered into the mirror as the woman held them to her head. "Yeah. That's me," she murmured. It made her sad... like she was wiping Yamato's fingerprints off her body.

The woman nodded, and proceeded to show her how to attach them, how to use the gum, and how to position them just right.

She had ears again, but they weren't hers, because hers were with Yamato.

"Ok, tail. Tell me sweetie, fluffy, bobbed, long, short?" She held out a tray of black tails. Yamato grabbed the closest one that seemed right.

"Is this the shortest one you have?" It was going to be a few centimeters too long, at that.

"That's easy enough," the woman sighed, and pulled out some special scissors. "Tails come with a belt. You wear it under your underwear, so they go out the hole, like always. You're too damned young to need these. Shoulda kept your originals; much better. Hope you used protection at least. Whatever he told you, he's probably having a good time bragging about your ears and tail, and you'll never see him again."

She grabbed the tail from the woman, and put it on, slipping it under her clothes while she glared at her. "It wasn't a boy. It was a girl." She's like to see the shock on the woman's face.

"Well, that's good," she rolled her eyes. "At least you won't get pregnant."

Kouya narrowed her eyes.

"Ok, spirit gum, ears, tail... that comes to..." Kouya shoved the money at her and turned to go. The woman chuckled after her. "Kids these days, I tell you, they get younger and younger, coming through my door."

She slipped into homeroom seconds before the bell. Her friends were glaring at her, but they had no idea. Her seatmate hissed at her while the teacher took roll, "Where were you? You almost made us late, too! We waited for you forever!"

Calmly, she pulled out her notebook. "Overslept."

Yamato sauntered into school, swinging her hips. She got some scandalous looks, and some catcalls. That dirty art teacher was practically drooling. They were just ears!

She had Kouya's ears wrapped in plastic. She was going to burn them, and keep the ashes in a locket around her neck. They were precious, too precious to risk losing.

Her friends were sitting in the stairwell, as always. They laughed and whistled as she sat down with them.

"Yamato, you look hot," Rika whistled.

"Oh, that's it," Sunano whined. "I'm so totally getting rid of my ears this weekend! They're such a nuisance."

Yamato pushed her hair out of her face. "I know. People make such a big deal about it. Like it even matters! I was sick of looking like I was twelve, to be honest."

That boy whose name she could never remember slid his hand up her leg, just under the hem of her skirt. "Damn, babe, you shoulda told me. We could have lost our ears together."

She picked up his hand and tossed it aside. "Like you could have gotten me off! I bet you would have come after two second of pawing my boobs. Neanderthal."

They all laughed. Yamato preened. Right now, they all wanted her. But she was Kouya's.

"I can't believe I'm the first one in school to get rid of them. These days, no one shows you any respect if you are still acting like a child," Yamato whined, rolling her eyes. Everyone nodded in self-conscious agreement. They were all so easy.

"Oh, but didn't that girl Maki lose hers already?" Rina asked.

Yamato had never liked Rina.

"That girl is such a whore. I bet she gave them to her father," she sneered. "Anyway, I have to go shopping today. Sewing up skirts is so a waste of time. I didn't even bother with underwear. What's the point!? I just decided not to wear any." The boys in the group perked up, and the girls snickered.

She was loving this.

As they walked up to class, after the bell rang, Fujiami flipped up her skirt to see underneath. She held it down, but gave him a wink over her shoulder.

All through class, all she could think about was Kouya, and her hands, and her mouth, and when they could touch each other again.

During lunch, Kouya got a text message from Yamato.

Is everyone staring at you? ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ Growing up is fun, mm?

She texted back, quickly.

It's no one's business but ours. Miss you.

She turned off her phone so she couldn't get any more distracting messages, and she went to the bathroom to check her ears for the twelfth time that day.