title: The one you're with
fandom: Prince of Tennis
characters/pairings: Tezuka/OFC, Fuji/OFC, Tezuka/Fuji
rating: Teen
warnings: death, angst, talk of sex, sexual situations
summary: Tezuka and Fuji, the shards and the whole picture
notes: for reddwarfer, for this request on fic on demand. *mwah*

She jumped out of the bed, laughing. "Hey," he complained half-heartedly. "I'm not pausing, you know."

"I just want popcorn!" she called back. "You can wait for two minutes!"

The previews started to roll on the screen. He grumbled a bit, and sighed heavily... he looked over his shoulder at her. She was just wearing one of his shirts, which went down about halfway on her thighs. Her hair was cut really short, which he complained about at first, but he had to admit, it did make her look prettier. Around one ankle, she was wearing that charm anklet her sister made for her. He smiled softly. Times like this, he could almost say he loved her, but he wouldn't, not out loud, because then, she'd laugh at him. "Movie's going to start soon."

"You're not getting any of my popcorn, meanie Syuusuke," she taunted, sticking her tongue out.

He was about to say something about her tongue and what she could do with it, but he was - probably mercifully - saved by sudden pounding on the door.

It was a bit alarming, though, so he threw back the covers. He was wearing a tank and boxers, but he didn't want her to answer the door if... Ayu was already there, though, looking through the peephole. "It's your boss," she huffed, and then she threw open the door.

He couldn't complain about her wanting to flaunt any intimacy she shared with him, but really, he'd rather Tezuka didn't see it. He got up, and started to head to the door. As soon as Ayu opened it, though, she gasped, covering her face with her hands. She backed up, nearly right into him.

His heart stopped.

"Kunimitsu!" he moved around her quickly, grabbing for him. His jacket was soiled and stained with blood. "What... what happened? Is this your blood, are you hurt?"

Tezuka jerked his head from side to side. "Himiko's," he croaked out. "She... and... Ayana..." He couldn't continue, though, his body suddenly shaking with sobs. He started to collapse, and Fuji grabbed onto him, holding him. He couldn't keep Tezuka up, so they both ended up on their knees. "Ballet recital. She. She was putting Ayana in the car," Tezuka gasped out, like he needed to say the words, get rid of them. "Drunk driver. I was. Talking to. Her teacher, it happened so fast. Himiko... her body was... Ayana... was crying... there was this... piece of glass... in her chest..."

"Oh, my god," Fuji exhaled. Tears were welling up in his eyes, and he clung to Tezuka. Something like this... it wasn't real, was it?

Tezuka was sobbing hard, and it nearly broke Fuji in half. He'd never imagined... Tezuka...

Ayu touched his head. She was wearing a t-shirt, jacket, and jeans. "I'm going to my sister's. Take care of him." Her eyes were wet with sympathy. He wanted to grab onto her and beg her to stay. He didn't know what to do! She smiled at him sadly, her gaze trailing down to Tezuka, her smile evaporating.

She walked out and locked the door behind her, and he was left with Tezuka in his arms.

"An omiai?" Fuji yawned. He turned and looked over his shoulder at Tezuka. He was tying on hakama pants. He looked pretty sexy, but... "What are you talking about?"

Tezuka dutifully continued to tie up his pants. "My mother has selected a young woman for me to marry."

Fuji sat up, letting the sheets pool at his waist. He checked the clock. Half past eleven. Early for a Sunday. An omiai on the Sunday before New Year's Day... "Mm. The last time my mother bought me something, I had to return it. Wrong size."

Tezuka looked at him, his lips quirking into an approximation of a smile. "Fuji. It's not that unusual. Is it?"

"You're asking me?" Fuji laughed, pulling his leg up, letting the sheet slip off of it. They needed to change the sheets, actually. The clothes Tezuka wore last night were strewn all over the apartment, too, mixed up with his.

Tezuka looked at him warmly for a moment, and then he turned to pull on his haori jacket, fumbling a bit with the decorative knot in front. "I can only continue to play tennis for a bit longer, logically. My shoulder simply won't hold out. After that, I intend to finish school, and go into teaching, most likely. I wouldn't get married before that. My mother, and this girl, apparently, understand." He took a deep breath, looking himself over, and then he exhaled, slowly. "I'm my father's only son. The only one who can pass on the family name. My parents... consider themselves lenient because they have allowed me to be unmarried for so long."

Fuji laughed, but... he knew Tezuka was serious. And... it wasn't like he didn't understand. He was grateful he had Yuuta, but.

"How do I look?" Tezuka asked, shifting a bit from foot to foot.

Fuji grinned widely, and reached out to him. "Make sure to come straight back. I want to undress you when you're done." Tezuka took his hand, and Fuji pulled him closer, pulled him down so he could kiss him. Tezuka leaned down further, though, put his hands on Fuji's skin...

Really, at the rate they were going, Tezuka wasn't going to get out with his fancy clothes in place.

"What's her name?" he asked, his lips still on Tezuka's.

"How should I know?" Tezuka murmured, pushed Fuji down for another kiss.

Fuji clung to Tezuka's jacket, wrinkling it a bit.

He let himself in the back door, not bothering to call out. Himiko was in the kitchen, whistling as she cooked. She looked cute, her hair tied up in a traditional fashion. She was so domestic and sweet, so traditional. Like a doll. She saw him, he was sure, and winked at him, even, but she was busy with her cooking.

He walked past her, to the living room.

Tezuka was there, on the floor, watching his daughter playing with her dollhouse. He even had a few dolls in his hand, jostling them around at her command. Fuji slipped his camera out of his satchel, and clicked a few pictures.

"I know you're there," Tezuka said evenly. Ayana-chan looked up, and squealed, waving her pudgy hands at him, showing off her dollies.

Fuji laughed, and stashed the camera. "I heard you were promoted. I can't believe it; principal of Seigaku. That's scary. Does this mean you're officially old?"

"We're the same age, still," Tezuka reminded him mildly.

Ayana climbed up her daddy's lap, and tugged on his collar. As always, he was patient with her, gently pulling her hands away. Fuji smiled, watching them together. Ayana was like her mother, but she had her father's eyes, and his messy hair. Fuji really wanted to photograph them. "How about, after dinner, we go out for a few drinks to celebrate?" Fuji suggested cheerfully. He knew Tezuka didn't drink particularly, and he didn't much care of it, either, but.

They could at least celebrate, in his apartment.

Tezuka looked him in the eye, and the corner of his lips turned up slightly. "Mm. Well. Not a bad idea."

"Of course not," Fuji sniffed disdainfully. "I don't have bad ideas, do I, Ayana-chan?"

She giggled happily, and tore open her father's top button. Such a smart child...

Fuji entered the apartment, trying to be quiet, still. He called out softly, "I'm home." He didn't especially expect a response. He hadn't gotten any since that night...

He slipped his shoes off and propped his tennis bag up against the wall. He put his briefcase down on the table, and went into the bedroom.

Tezuka was there, just laying on the bed, starting at the ceiling with his glasses off.

"Kunimitsu. I'm home," Fuji said gently, smiling. Tezuka didn't turn to look at him.

He got on the bed and put his arms around Tezuka, resting his head on Tezuka's chest. It moved up and down rhythmically, reassuringly. Since Tezuka was in the same position as when he left that morning, it was a bit troubling.

"We won today. The team, I mean. We won, so we'll be seeded quite high in the Kantou tournament. You would have been pleased, I think..." he trailed off. It seemed rather... pointless. Everything did, and it wasn't even his wife and child. Though, he had cared for them both, like a sister and a niece. What a strange family that made for...

"The school," Tezuka said, his voice cracking from disuse. "Everything is...?"

"Don't worry," Fuji grinned widely. "Ah, all the students are really worried about you. They're putting together a wall of sympathy. I'm sure... I'm sure you'll like it... and... Tsurugi-san has taken over as temporary principal. He's being strict... giving out way too many detentions and the like. I think I'll need to have my grades in on time, even!" He tried to laugh, but it sounded too hollow, even to him.

Tezuka furrowed his brow, like he was trying to remember something. "Tsurugi..." he repeated slowly. "That won't do. I'll go back to work. Next week."

Fuji didn't say anything. Tezuka had been saying that, next week, for nearly a month. No one expected him back; the school board had given him the rest of the year as a sabbatical to cope with his loss. It was too devastating, after all.

No one could imagine how to deal with it, so no one had any expectations of Tezuka.

Fuji forced himself to smile, and he leaned up on his elbow. "So! What would you like for dinner? I've got miso soup... some fish, rice... something simple would be good, right? Or are you in the mood for curry? I could get some bread, too, if you just want something easy..."

Tezuka sighed, and turned his face away.

Fuji bit his lip. "You have to eat..." he complained softly. Tezuka furrowed his brow, looking pained. Fuji closed his eyes. "And. It's nearly the 49th day, as well. We'll need to get ready." Tezuka turned on his side.

Fuji sat up slowly, feeling cold, and ancient.

"Well. I'll make dinner." He was so damned tired, too. He didn't really have the energy. Still. He was sure Tezuka hadn't eaten all day. "Please wash up, ok?"

He got up, and went to the kitchen. After a few minutes, he heard the water in the bathroom. He bit his lip. One step at a time, he knew...

Tezuka stood aside while Kai went out. He must have come straight from the airport, with his duffle over his shoulder, and his clothes rumpled. Fuji's shirt was open, and he wasn't wearing underwear, which he hoped Tezuka would discover quickly.

Tezuka watched Kai leave, but he said nothing to the other man. Fuji was tempted to tease Tezuka about his rudeness, but...

"I didn't realize you had a roommate. I hope we're not inconveniencing him." Tezuka's voice was flat and tired.

Fuji beamed. "He's not my roommate."

Tezuka narrowed his eyes, but he still wasn't looking at Fuji, even though Fuji had closed the door. "A friend?"

Fuji chuckled, and reached out to take Tezuka's duffle. It was heavy, though, so he pretty much dropped it on the spot. "Are you curious?"

Tezuka just exhaled loudly.

That was truly funny, so Fuji let himself laugh naturally. Tezuka looked at him oddly, so he bit his lip to keep it in. "Sorry, sorry. But you have a girlfriend in America, right? You emailed me about her. We decided before you left that we couldn't be exclusive."

"Yes, we did," Tezuka said slowly.

Fuji laughed some more, but he let it get deeper, and he put his hands on Tezuka's waist, winding his fingers in Tezuka's belt hoops. "He's not anyone I'm serious about. We're working on a project together. It's just some fun on the side to keep things from getting too stressful. We were working today, I promise. You're only home for a little while. I'm all yours until you go back." He leaned up, parting his lips for Tezuka...

He didn't disappoint, like always.

He was picking up beer bottles, though he wasn't sure why. Taka had told them to just leave everything until morning, since even he had overindulged, but Tezuka was cleaning up, so he couldn't help it.

"It's a bother," Fuji sighed.

Tezuka looked over his shoulder, and raised an eyebrow. Fuji beamed at him.

He loved Tezuka's ways of communicating. "It's troublesome! I like her! Every time I meet her, I like her more!"

Tezuka smiled, and ducked his head down. "Should I marry someone disagreeable, then?"

"Yes!" Fuji exclaimed, exasperated. "How am I supposed to carry on an affair with her husband if I like the woman? I mean, I will, but it's trying! It should have been easy to find some shrewish bitch who only cared about money. Why couldn't you marry someone like that?"

Tezuka put down the garbage bag he was carrying, and approached Fuji. He put his hands on Fuji's waist and on his cheek, and he caressed slightly with his thumb. Fuji moved closer into Tezuka's embrace. Tezuka leaned down, and their lips touched. Just a damned kiss, and they had kissed no less than a thousand times already, but somehow, it was still exciting.

"I haven't told anyone yet. I got the position at Seigaku. Vice principal. I'll start at the end of the month," Tezuka said quietly.

It was apropos of nothing at all, which probably made it the perfect time, especially since they were alone, and Tezuka had led him to believe that he hadn't even informed the future Mrs. Vice Principal yet. Fuji smiled. "I knew you would get it."

Tezuka pulled Fuji closer, and his eyes got the heated look that made Fuji's blood boil. "Where are we going now?"

Fuji snaked his arms around Tezuka's waist. "You're living with your parents still, right? My brother's at my apartment. I guess we need to find a love hotel."

Tezuka made a face, but he nodded, anyway.

Fuji leaned his hips in. They should call for a cab immediately. He wanted to take full advantage of this mood of Tezuka's.

He poked his head inside the door, a bit nervous because of the quiet. Himiko was sitting up in bed, looking more bedraggled than he'd ever imagined she could be. Tezuka was sitting on the chair next to her, asleep and apparently dead to the world. In Himiko's arms, there was a small, bright pink bundle of wrinkled skin wrapped in a soft white blanket with pink stitching.

"My goodness," he whispered, winking at her. "You'd think he was the one who had worked so hard."

"Don't be so strict," she whispered back to him. "He's had a long night of pacing the floor. Of course the poor thing is exhausted."

He had to bite his lip to keep from laughing. He didn't entirely contain it. He never expected her to make a joke. He went up and sat down on the edge of her bed, leaning over to look at the baby. "You're going to spoil him. Have you decided on a name yet?"

"Ayana," she said quietly. She bounced the sleeping baby gently, so she was facing Fuji more. "I know she's still red and wrinkled, but I can't help it. She's horrifically cute, isn't she?"

He smiled. He thought she was really rather ugly, but then, Yumiko's babies had all been ugly at that stage, too, and they were growing into cute children. "She is. And how kind of you. Tezuka must be so proud."

"You can call him Kunimitsu," she said, almost under her breath. She was still smiling, though. "It's just the three of us."

"Four of us," he corrected softly. Really, his heart had skipped a beat. She seemed so calm, though, so it was easy to keep his calm. "And it's harder to remember his given name at this point."

She looked up at him, amused, but so tired.

"Should you be asleep, though?" he asked, really concerned.

"The nurse said she'd be right back to get her for the night. But that was twenty minutes ago. I don't know what to do with her. I can't believe we'll be going home tomorrow. I have no idea what to do," she confessed sheepishly.

He held out his arms quickly. "Here, here. Give her to me. Don't worry, I've got a niece and a nephew. You need to sleep. I'll give her to the nurse.

"And don't worry about tomorrow. He'll be rested up by then, and you can put him to work," he winked at her.

"Oh my," she said, chuckling. She carefully handed Ayana to him, and leaned back. "Oh. Are you sure you don't mind? I'm certain I'll pass out as soon as I relax even a little bit."

Holding the baby gingerly, he leaned over and kissed her forehead. "Go to sleep already, Himiko-chan. You're in good hands."

She smiled at him, and closed her eyes. True to her word, she was snoring softly just a minute later.

He looked over at Tezuka, and was surprised to see one eye open, and Tezuka smiling at him. He rocked Ayana in his arms, and winked at Tezuka, who closed his eye again.

He looked down at Ayana, and shook his head. So much trust...

He swung the empty wine bottle between his fingers. He was leaning against the wall next to the kitchen, listening to Tezuka and Himiko argue in their entirely too polite manner.

"Are you saying you approve of the way she is dressed?" Tezuka said archly.

Himiko sighed heavily. "I wasn't asked for my approval. He likes her, and that's all that matters."

"She's not a good sort," Tezuka complained staunchly. "At his age, he should stop playing around. I can't imagine his parents are pleased with this choice."

"Not everyone is that concerned these days," Himiko said placidly. "I'm sure his parents are happy he's dating a woman. Though, that young man he was seeing before was rather cute."

"He was not seeing that person," Tezuka grumbled.

"Stop being such a pest," she scolded him. "Men never like the women their friends are dating. I'm sure none of your friends like me. You still have to be polite, though. Here, here. Take these out to the guests. Gracious, we've been in here too long. What a terrible hostess you're making me into with all your complaints!"

Fuji pushed off the wall and stepped loudly into the kitchen. "Hello! Sorry for interrupting, but just came to restock the bar. You don't mind me invading your space, do you, Himiko-chan?"

"You know where the wine is, Fuji-kun," she said hospitably, giving Tezuka a push off.

Fuji smiled brightly. "It's a good party, Himiko-chan. So? Do you like Ayu?"

"She seems like a wonderful girl," Himiko bowed shortly. And then glared at Tezuka.

"I've been ordered to deliver these," he replied coolly.

Fuji shook his head at Tezuka's retreating form. "Ah, I can't believe I've agreed to let him be my boss! And coaching tennis on top of it! I must be insane."

"Well, I certainly would never say so," Himiko replied demurely, but with twinkling eyes.

Fuji got the wine out of the wine cabinet, and he winked at her. "Thank you for the party, again, Himiko-chan. It seems unfair that you have to work so hard on his account."

"It's the least of my worries," she replied dismissively. "Now, please get out of the kitchen and go back to enjoying your party."

He exhaled, watching the smoke curl up to the ceiling of the coffee shop. It was dark and probably dirty, but it was far from school.

She was watching him, smiling bemusedly. It made him feel...


It was an emotion he was getting sick of; Tezuka's guilt was becoming his third roommate, and he didn't know what to feed it or how to bathe it. He sighed heavily. "I'm sorry, Ayu. Thanks for coming out here. You know I can't even have a smoke at home anymore." He shook his head like he was really annoyed.

"Well, I never liked it, either," she reminded him. "But I suppose he's more persuasive."

He flicked the ash off the end of his cigarette, taking a deep breath. "It's going... to be a bit longer. He's not working yet. He's taking phone calls, though, and that sort of thing. Of course, there's no way to gauge these things. There are good days and bad. I can't imagine it... watching your wife and child be killed. I think he's doing pretty well, all things considered."

"I feel for him, really, I do. I think he's carved out of wood, but I know he's a good person. I wouldn't have wished this upon anyone." There was something about her tone that he didn't entirely like. "But you know, I didn't really come here to talk about him."

He nodded, taking another drag. After he exhaled slowly, he looked away. "Yeah. Sorry. I know it's... asking a lot, but if you could be a bit more patient..."

"Why aren't you breaking up with me?" she asked abruptly. "You don't even need to confess to cheating!" He narrowed his eyes. "You can just say... 'I'm sorry, but it's best we separate for now. He really needs me right now, and I need to give him all my attention.' Not to sound heartless, but it's the perfect excuse, isn't it? His parents are dead, so he's got no one to pressure him to move on. You're parents already have a grandson. And with what he's been through, no one would even question that you two are living together. It's like a heaven-sent cover for the two of you, no disrespect to the deceased."

"Do you really think you can say that without disrespecting the deceased?" he scoffed.

"Be honest with me, Syuusuke. Don't I deserve that much, after all this time?" she begged him.

He looked at her from the corner of his eye. "Ayu... you know I care about you..."

She laughed harshly. "Ah... I see. Well. I've been offered a job in Hollywood. Actually, I was offered the job six months ago, but I talked to the man yesterday, and he said it was still on the table. It's a position as an assistant director, but it's still an incredible opportunity. Six months ago, I didn't care that you were never going to propose to me, but I still wanted to be with you. Right now... I need to take this job, Syuusuke. You understand, right?"

He looked her in the eye. He couldn't say he didn't understand, of course, but... "I'm sorry."

"Don't be," she shrugged. "I thought it was just something... very Japanese. You know, the public relationship, and the private one. I didn't really care that much. I thought we had enough love between us. I really did love you. I mean, I do... It absolutely breaks my heart to see how much pain you're in now. I don't know if I was stupid or if you just did that good a job of hiding it. I never realized how much in love with him you are." She reached across the table, and took his hand. "It'll get better, you know."

His lips twitched. Of course, he knew that. And still. "Ayu. I. I wish you the best of luck. Don't let anyone screw you over."

She laughed more easily. "Do you really think I would?"

"Ayu," he sighed. "He... really needs me now."

"I know, Syuusuke," she nodded, smiling. She stood up, and leaned over, kissing him softly. "Love him with all your heart, because you're really all he has left now."

He nodded, feeling hollow.

He entered the principal's office without knocking, grinning. "You missed the entire tournament!" he complained.

Tezuka looked up, but his brow was still furrowed. "I regret that, truly. We had an incident. Four of our boys and three girls found trashing a karaoke bar in Shinjuku... what a mess. How did it go?"

"Well, we won of course," Fuji shrugged, pulling his medal out from under his shirt.

He closed the door behind him.

"National champs, once again. It's actually getting boring."

Tezuka leaned back in his chair, smiling. "Is that so?" he murmured. "I'm not surprised. This will be your eighth... When I convinced you to take the job, it was for one year, wasn't it? I promised you I'd find another coach, I just needed a replacement quickly..."

"Ryuzaki-sensei was very selfish," Fuji nodded. "Having that heart attack right on the court. It really put you in a spot!"

Tezuka rolled his eyes in a 'some people!' sort of way.

Fuji came right up to Tezuka, and ran his fingers through Tezuka's bangs. "Are you ready to go home, then?"

"Not quite yet," Tezuka sighed, looking past Fuji to the paperwork on his desk. "Some forms to fill out still for the police..."

"I can wait," Fuji nodded, backing away. "Just like when we were students, and I waited for you to finish your paperwork for the club, or student council."

"Will we be having sex in the clubhouse when I'm done, then?" Tezuka asked, picking up his pen again.

"It's empty," Fuji replied cheerfully, quickly.

Tezuka shook his head. "I think my couch might be more comfortable," he said, pointing to said convenient item of furniture.

"Whichever," Fuji blithely replied. "I'm ready." He pulled a condom out of his pocket, and put it between his lips, using his tongue to play with it.

Tezuka snorted, but his gaze was captured. He twirled his pen in his fingers, and then dropped it, exhaling sharply as he stood up. "I can finish the paperwork later. The police aren't coming back until tomorrow for it, anyway." He took off his glasses, and stalked over to Fuji.